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Property records in Block 500 of Hope Township (Warren)
This page has all the lots present in Block 500 of Hope Township (Warren)
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29 results
Hope TownshipUnited Tele Co Property Tax Dept
131 Koeck RdToscano, Joseph
Koeck RdState Of New Jersey D.e.p.
531 Delaware RdNovack, Andrew A & Laura L
231 Delaware RdNovack, Andrew A & Laura L
531 Delaware RdNovack Arnold
120 Koeck RdD'Ottavio, Daniel J & Carol Ann
120 Koeck RdD'Ottavio, Daniel J & Carol Ann
543 Delaware RdNeidlinger, James A & Lynda S
529 Delaware RdHighlands Hope
527 Delaware RdLarney E/mcgrath, M/larney Et Als
117 Nightingale RdButton, Richard & Lisa Schade-Button
101 Nightingale RdVuono, Frank & Nancy
103 Nightingale RdGomez, Michael & Jennifer
105 Nightingale RdSutton Rose
107 Nightingale RdCampana, Christopher Karl & Dana J
525 Delaware RdNovak, Margit C
109 Nightingale RdKacn Designs, Llc
111 Nightingale RdConarello, Nicholas J & Geraldine
113 Nightingale RdKacn Designs, Llc
115 Nightingale RdToohey, Michelle
119 Nightingale RdViscito, Jeanne P
123 Nightingale RdHillis, Jennifer
121 Nightingale RdWilson, Curtis M & Amy D
125 Nightingale RdMitnik, Robert & Maureen B
149 Nightingale RdGantz, Nicole Ann Gillot
155 Nightingale RdFekete, Victor J & Charlene
34 Nightingale RdHunt, Thomas
519 Delaware RdJones, John Jr
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