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The #1 property resource database in New Jersey. Used by thousands of clients every day to help optimize their work flow.
Property Maps
Browse our statewide collection of: Tax Maps, Zoning Maps, Flood & Wetlands, and dozens of map layers.
Map Features
View ownership & property data on click of parcel. Overlay different basemaps, trends, boundaries, and much more.
Property Data
The most comprehensive property data available in New Jersey. Browse data from 1989-current. Data updated weekly!
Reports & Labels
Generate detailed reports in seconds. Perform an advanced property search to narrow down results and generate labels.
Clients include: Investors, Appraisers, Realtors, Engineers, Government Officials, and other Real Estate Professionals.
Your Ultimate NJ Property Records Source
Container tax assessment records, mortgage data, foreclosure data and associated people. Browse, Filter, and Export the data to Microsoft Excel. Property records are updated on a weekly basis.
When looking for the most current tax records online, we always use After comparing multiple sites, we've always found the most current records here along with an easy to use interface.
David Shround
CommRealty, LLC
Browse Statewide Property Documents
Documents include: Tax Maps, Zoning Maps, Property Record Cards, Deed Images, and Mortgage Images. Documents are linked directly to the subject property and are updated weekly!
The ability to draw, annotate, email and crop the tax maps have been a great asset to our company. With a few clicks, I can now email my clients their properties tax map with my notes attached.
Susan Nora
ApprisalQ, LLC
Visualize GIS Property Data
Explore properties on our interactive map which features a variety of layers, including: Parcel Boundaries, FEMA Flood Data, Utility Providers, School Zones, POI's, Recent Sales, Distressed Properties, Trends, Historical Aerial Imagery, Topographic Map, Wetlands, Watersheds, Bedrock Geology, and much more! If you're in need of a map layer that we don't currently have, let us know and we'll add it!
Our team often uses the Measure Tool on the Map page whenever a FEMA Flood Layer or Wetland is in contact with a property. This tool allows us to make property development decisions more efficiently and very fast.
Thomas Gardley
Meric Builders, LLC
Generate Detailed Reports and Mailing Labels
Reports include: Property Reports, Comparable Market Analysis (CMA), Certified Flood Determinations and Mailing Labels for marketing.
The property reports look extremely professional and contain a wealth of information. Thanks for saving us so much research time by combining so much data in such compact reports!
Sarah Huges
EPProperty, LLC
NJPR empowers engineers, realtors, and others to view powerful property data, fast.
Current Data
Our staff is dedicated to obtaining and processing various property data on a continuous basis. Data is compiled from official government agencies including state, county courthouses, and public records.
Advanced Filters
Sift through statewide ownership & property records while applying filters such as: Property Class, Year Built, Assessed Value, Acreage, Sale Date, Sale Price, Zip Code, and more
Fast Support
We offer live chat on our website Mon-Fri from 8am-4pm EST. You can also reach us by email 7 days a week. You'll be surprised by our speedy response time :)
Simplified Powerful Tools
Ensure your clients are satisfied with a comprehensive property report.
Georeferenced Tax Maps
We built a neat feature that allows users to overlay the tax map ontop of an Aerial map to give a great perspective of the property.
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Generate Detailed Reports
Users can generate detailed property reports that include: A Cover Page, Basic Report, Tax & Assessment History, Deed History, Flood & Wetlands, Tax Map Sheet, Zoning Map Sheet, and the Deed Image.
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Data Downloads
Looking to download raw property data? Perform a search that meets your criteria and then export the results to an excel spreadsheet.
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Drone Photography
Order Drone Photography services that include: Panorama Imagery, 4K High Res Imagery, 2D/3D Property Model & Reports, and Videography.
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Certified Flood Reports
The Flood Report will provide you a wealth of information regarding if the property is located within a flood zone and requires flood insurance.
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Custom Data Solutions
Need a custom dataset, API, or component? Our skilled developers are able to help integrate any of the data seen on our website.
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