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Property records in Block 111 of Belmar Borough (Monmouth)
This page has all the lots present in Block 111 of Belmar Borough (Monmouth)
Here you can also find the most recent deeds / top residential sales for this block
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23 results
201 Eleventh AveBe Our House Llc
203 Eleventh AveMeier, John W Jr
205 Eleventh Ave205 Stw, Llc
207 Eleventh AveMistretta, Pietrina
209 Eleventh AvePeras, Dennis M & Patricia A
215 Eleventh AveBarrett, Walter Jr & Lourdes J
217 Eleventh AveLippsett, Stuart A & Ronni, Trustees
219 Eleventh AveArc Technologies Inc
1104 B StSwenarton, Mark
218 Twelfth AveAdams, Cherie Lee & Lattiboudere, P
216 Twelfth AveJjw 216 Llc
214 Twelfth AveSmith, Richard C & Josephine
212 Twelfth AveNunes, V & E & Rodrigues, B & M
210 Twelfth AveSellitto, M & A & Rotella, Felicia
208 Twelfth AveMagness, Jay M & Lisante, Nadine
206 Twelfth AveFudali, Harold & Lisa
204 Twelfth AveDemarco, Diana
202 Twelfth AveDemaio, Christopher S & Connor, Dav
200 Twelfth AveBelmar Iv Realty Llc
1105 A StWill So, Llc
1103 A StCama, Cynthia C/o Tbwag Ent Llc
1101 A StTbwag Enterprises, Llc
211 Eleventh AveAlessio, John & Jennifer
0 results