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Property records in Block 429 of Newark (Essex)
This page has all the lots present in Block 429 of Newark (Essex)
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29 results
66-78 Morris AveNewark Board Of Education
368 New StMolina, Julian Rojas
364-366 New StLema, Melida Eulalia
362- New StJaleibah, Sekou
362 New StTeutle, Javier
360 New StWo 91 Kirk, Llc,
358 New StRodrigues, Julio T & Maria E
356 New StRodrigues, Cesario T & Maria F
354 New StDefigueiredo, Ana L
352 New StBarillas, Heber Maria
350 New StNegron, Angel & Rosa
348 New StAms Associates, Llc
135 Hudson StCastillo, Raul
137 Hudson StCotto, Reinaldo
139 Hudson StCotto, Reinaldo
141 Hudson St141 Hudson St Llc
143-147 Hudson StChosen Generation Inc.
47-49 Hartford StHanafi, Gamal M. & Asiran
51 Hartford StUdoh, Rhoda & Taylor, Benjamin
53 Hartford StFauntleroy, Adrian & Victoria
55 Hartford StBustemante, Denise
57 Hartford StWaheed, Wali L & Nealean I
59 Hartford StCingolani, Michael
61 Hartford StLa Lucky Llc,
63 Hartford StLa Lucky Llc,
65 Hartford StJohnson Iii, Austin C & Miriam
69 Hartford StDix, Mae J & Deneen
71 Hartford StReyes, Jose & Esther
366- New StMolina, Julian Rojas
0 results