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Property records in Block 411 of Millville (Cumberland)
This page has all the lots present in Block 411 of Millville (Cumberland)
Here you can also find the most recent deeds / top residential sales for this block
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21 results
200-202-204-206 High St NGlasstown Properties Llc
26-28 Pine StRuby Spe Llc
22-24 Pine StReiff, Gregory
16 Pine StVandelay Group Llc
8 Pine StFlores, Wenceslao A
6 Pine StMayfield, Sylvia Sixth Ave Invest
201-209 Buck StJoy Making A Difference Inc
211 Buck StEmpeyer Llc
215 Buck StWheeler Holdings Llc
221-223 Buck StSivra Of Nj Llc
225 Buck StExit Clean Car Wash Llc
226 High St NAbbott, Richard V Iii & Lois K
230 High St NPharus Llc
228 High St NTirelli, Kristi
224 N High St224 Office Building Llc
218 High St NKawajiri, Craig
222 High St NDimaria Food & Beverage Llc
214 High St NKramer, Frederick H
210 High St NLovely Realty Llc
208 High St NCeres, Barbara & Carl
20 Pine StCity Of Millville
0 results