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Property records in Sandyston Township (Sussex)
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128 results
Address From
Address To
Skellenger RdGrau Rd
Crigger RdCrigger Rd
Sunrise Mtn RdSunrise Mtn Rd
Sunrise Mtn RdSunrise Mtn Rd
1 Wapalanne Rd62 Flatbrook Rd
5 Skellenger Rd1 Skellenger Rd
Stoney Lake RdStoney Lake Rd
Old State RdOld State Rd
20 Route 206 N30 Route 206 N
4 Route 206 N4 Route 206 N
2 Route 206 N2 Route 206 N
Sunrise Mtn RdSunrise Mtn Rd
Coursen Rd7 Tuttles Rd
1 Coursen Rd1 Coursen Rd
21 Old State Rd21 Old State Rd
Hotalen RdHotalen Rd
200 Route 206 NHotalen Rd
11 Hirams Grove Rd18 Sunrise Tr
Devita RdDegroat Rd
Grau RdGrau Rd
21 Degroat RdDegroat Rd
2 Degroat RdMeyers Rd
Meyers Rd18 Meyers Rd
Devita Rd27 Devita Rd
11 Devita RdDevita Rd
7 Shaytown Rd316 Route 206 N
Shaytown RdShaytown Rd
42 Cemetery RdCemetery Rd
15 Degroat Rd4 Bierskill Rd
12 Shaytown Rd6 Shaytown Rd
Old Mine RdVan Etten Rd
Van Etten RdVan Etten Rd
Van Etten RdStrong Ln
339 Route 206 S159 Route 645
307 Route 206 SRoute 645
Old Mine RdSouth Front St
Penn AveOld Mine Rd
200 Old Mine RdOld Mine Rd
Upper Ridge Rd59 Ridge Rd
Van Ness RdVan Ness Rd
124 Route 645142 Route 645
122 Route 645112 Route 645
Route 64581 Route 645
239 Route 206 S247 Route 206 S
Route 206 SDavey Ln
39a Route 645128-130 Route 560
13 Route 6452 Maple Ln
1 Wainwright LnSpoolstra Ln
Route 560109 Rt 206 S
Struble RdStruble Rd
15 Route 56011 Route 560
Struble Rd78 Struble Rd
Struble RdStruble Rd
Struble RdAntler Dr
Antler DrHemlock Dr
1 Struble RdStruble Rd
51 Woods Rd39 Woods Rd
14 E Shore Tr4 E Shore Tr
10 Cove Rd16 Cove Rd
24 E Shore Tr16 E Shore Tr
32 E Shore Tr26 E Shore Tr
38 E Shore TrE Shore Tr
46 E Shore Tr40 E Shore Tr
54 E Shore Tr48 E Shore Tr
Mountain TrE Shore Tr
42 Mountain Tr33 E Shore Tr
36 Mountain Tr29 E Shore Tr
30 Mountain Tr21 E Shore Tr
13 E Shore Tr11 E Shore Tr
12 Mountain Tr1 Lake Path 3
4a Mountain Tr3 E Shore Tr
1 Lake Path 117 Rt 206 S
Rt 206 SMountain Tr
Mountain Tr57 Mountain Tr
7 East TrSouth Trail
1 East Tr88 Mountain Tr
69 E Shore Tr75 E Shore Tr
65 E Shore Tr67 E Shore Tr
Mountain Tr59 E Shore Tr
49 E Shore Tr55 E Shore Tr
58 Mountain Tr47 E Shore Tr
56 E Shore Tr58 E Shore Tr
60 E Shore Tr62 E Shore Tr
64 E Shore Tr68 E Shore Tr
88 E Shore Tr84 E Shore Tr
126 Woods Rd126 Woods Rd
Shay RdShay Rd
Woods RdWoods Rd
Dimon RdShay Rd
Brink RdBrink Rd
Brook Rd100 Struble Rd
Kuhn Rd27 Kuhn Rd
Thunder Mtn RdOld Mine Rd
Walpack RdWalpack Rd
Brook RdBrook Rd
41 Rt 5601 Heaters Ln
Walpack Rd5 Walpack Rd
Walpack Rd14 Kuhn Rd
Old Mine RdRoute 560
Old Mine RdOld Mine Rd
Kuhn RdOld Mine Rd
Old Mine RdOld Mine Rd
Old Mine RdOld Mine Rd
Old Mine Rd163 Route 560
Walpack Rd8 Bevans Rd
Old Mine RdOld Mine Rd
Mettler RdOld Mine Rd
Route 560Old Mine Rd
Mettler RdVan Auken Rd
Van Auken RdVan Auken Rd
7 Van Auken RdVan Auken Rd
Van Auken RdVan Auken Rd
Van Auken RdVan Auken Rd
Laurel LnLaurel Ln
Laurel LnVan Auken Rd
Hague RdHague Rd
Van Auken RdHague Rd
Old Mine RdOld Mine Rd
Old Mine RdUpper Ridge Rd
Old Mine RdOld Mine Rd
South Front StSouth Front St
Cedar RdCedar Rd
Front StNamonock Rd
Namonock RdNamonock Rd
North Front StNorth Front St
South Front StSouth Front St
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