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Property records in Frankford Township (Sussex)
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Address From
Address To
1 High Ridge Ln35 Pelletown Rd
2 High Ridge Ln28 High Ridge Ln
63 Davis Rd234 Plains Rd
227 Plains Rd676 County Route 565
27 Losey Rd36 & 38 Pelletown Rd
95 Fenwick Rd95 Fenwick Rd
677 County Route 56522 Losey Rd
2 De Jager Dr5 Carolyn Ct
11 De Jager Dr4 David Dr
26 Losey Rd15 David Dr
Bailey Green DrBailey Green Dr
2 Skyline Dr
26 Armstrong Rd16 Armstrong Rd
594 County Route 56523 Linn Smith Rd
578 County Route 56515 Northrup Rd
552 County Route 565134 Us Highway 206
506 County Route 56572 Us Highway 206
553 County Route 5655 Skyline Dr
35 Meadow Ridge Ln4 Jonathan Dr
505 County Route 565505 County Route 565
1 State Route 1534 Us Highway 206
28 Us Highway 20628 Us Highway 206
24 Us Highway 20616 Us Highway 206
27 Us Highway 20650 Price Rd
77 Us Highway 206133 Us Highway 206
209 Us Highway 20659 Newton Ave
210 Us Highway 206214 Us Highway 206
15 Morris Ave24 Newton Ave
98 Morris Tnpk573 Kemah Lake Rd
555 Kemah Lake Rd34 Morris Ave
76 Wantage Ave27 Fox Hill Rd
11 Fox Hill Rd11 Fox Hill Rd
16 Fox Hill Rd40 Fox Hill Rd
36 George Hill Rd200 Us Highway 206
18 George Hill Rd4 George Hill Rd
45 George Hill Rd105 Dickerson Rd
174 Plains Rd153 Wykertown Rd
105 Dickerson Rd105 Wykertown Rd
83 Wykertown Rd1 Hidden Ln
31 Gunn Rd51 Gunn Rd
218 Wykertown Rd118 Wykertown Rd
1 Haggerty Rd31 Haggerty Rd
194 Plains Rd223 Meyer Rd
8 Davis Rd55 Haggerty Rd
28 Davis Rd18 Summit Dr
30 Davis Rd19 Summit Dr
14 Little Rd5 Dalrymple Rd
57 Dalrymple Rd77 Beemer Church Rd
92 Beemer Church Rd96-100 Beemer Church Rd
105 Beemer Church Rd40 Dalrymple Rd
10 White Birch Ct12 White Birch Ct
340 Wykertown Rd242 Wykertown Rd
165 Gunn Rd310 Klimas Rd
371 Wantage Ave203 Dennis Phillips Rd
323 Wantage Ave196 Mattison Reservoir Av
291 Wantage Ave193 Wantage Ave
170 Gunn Rd36 Gunn Rd
12 Perry Rd106 Wantage Ave
30 Perry Rd61 Phillips Rd
99 Phillips Rd83 Phillips Rd
190 Upper North Shore Rd144 Mattison Rd
29 Cook Rd117 Ridge Rd
18 Phillips Rd80 Mattison Rd
75 Wantage Ave33 Phillips Rd
31 Mattison Rd17 Roslyn Rd
Roslyn RdRoslyn Rd
13 Ridge Rd9 Ridge Rd
52 Ridge Rd370 Us Highway 206
45 Union Tnpk31 Union Tnpk
341 Us Highway 206357 Us Highway 206
1 Stempert Rd23 Stempert Rd
215 Morris Tnpk14 Union Tnpk
201 Morris Tnpk552 Kemah Lake Rd
207 Morris Tnpk16 Willowbrook Dr
9 Leenwoolf Dr38 Sharp Rd
620 Kemah Lake Rd99 Stempert Rd
Lk Owassa Rd80 Union Tnpk
Lake BedLake Bed
2 West Owassa Tnpk52 West Owassa Tnpk
20 Bevans Rd20 Bevans Rd
491 Us Highway 206179 West Owassa Tnpk
33 Mill Ln8 Worthington Rd
437 Us Highway 20616 Maple Ln
49 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd31 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
16 Center St110 Ridge Rd
134 Upper North Shore Rd153 Mattison Reservoir Av
339 Mattison Reservoir Av179 Mattison Reservoir Av
8 Gigi Ln24 Gigi Ln
23 Gigi Ln23 Gigi Ln
9 Laura Ln3 Gigi Ln
101 Upper North Shore Rd6 Anne Ln
30 Gigi Ln20 Laura Ln
Culver LakeCulver Lake
415 Us Highway 206415 Us Highway 206
6 Dale Rd6 Dale Rd
61 Union Tnpk28 Longbridge Rd
393 Us Highway 20625 Longbridge Rd
20 Longview Tr17 Longleaf Tr
3 Longbridge Rd7 Longview Tr
17 Longview Tr15 Longview Tr
383 Us Highway 206383 Us Highway 206
8 Lakewood Tr8 Lakewood Tr
3 Lakewood Tr1 Lakewood Tr
380 Us Highway 20623 Longview Tr
25 Longleaf Tr34 Longview Tr
26 Longleaf Tr390 Us Highway 206
21 East Shore Culver Rd21 East Shore Culver Rd
23 East Shore Culver Rd23 East Shore Culver Rd
9 East 3rd St7 High St
53 East Shore Culver Rd43 E Shore Culver Rd
73 East Shore Culver Rd59 East Shore Culver Rd
54 East Shore Culver Rd70 East Shore Culver Rd
76 East Shore Culver Rd94 East Shore Culver Rd
103 East Shore Culver Rd3 4th St
96 East Shore Culver Rd108 East Shore Culver Rd
110 East Shore Culver Rd116 East Shore Culver Rd
111 East Shore Culver Rd105 East Shore Culver Rd
121 East Shore Culver Rd113 East Shore Culver Rd
118 East Shore Culver Rd126 East Shore Culver Rd
128 East Shore Culver Rd134 East Shore Culver Rd
125 East Shore Culver Rd123 East Shore Culver Rd
11 Center St131 East Shore Culver Rd
2 Eighth Street138 East Shore Culver Rd
140 East Shore Culver Rd142 East Shore Culver Rd
146 East Shore Culver Rd152 East Shore Culver Rd
153 East Shore Culver Rd4 Center St
154 East Shore Culver Rd158 East Shore Culver Rd
12 Nook Ln2 Nook Ln
3 Nook Ln11 Nook Ln
6 12th St
9 14th St
168 East Shore Culver Rd178 East Shore Culver Rd
187 East Shore Culver Rd215 East Shore Culver Rd
184 East Shore Culver Rd206 East Shore Culver Rd
160 Culver View Ln152 Culver View Ln
150 Lower North Shore Rd25 Snook St
159 Culver View Ln159 Culver View Ln
242 East Shore Culver Rd242 East Shore Culver Rd
169 Culver View Ln6 19th St
3 19th St179 Culver View Ln
90 Upper North Shore Rd221 Lower North Shore Rd
11 Snook St150 Lower North Shore Rd
140 Lower North Shore Rd134 Lower North Shore Rd
133 Lower North Shore Rd141 Lower North Shore Rd
66 Walnut Ave70 Walnut Ave
58 Walnut Ave64 Walnut Ave
119 Lower North Shore Rd131 Lower North Shore Rd
132 Lower North Shore Rd116 Lower North Shore Rd
113 Lower North Shore Rd117 Lower North Shore Rd
107 Lower North Shore Rd107 Lower North Shore Rd
49 Mountain Ave10 C St
44 Upper North Shore Rd4 C St
58 Upper North Shore Rd66 Upper North Shore Rd
73 Walnut Ave73 Walnut Ave
76 Upper North Shore Rd80 Upper North Shore Rd
94 Upper North Shore Rd4 High Point Rd
3 Upper North Shore Rd13 Upper North Shore Rd
40 Upper North Shore Rd33 Mountain Ave
35 Mountain Ave44 Mountain Ave
93 Lower North Shore Rd103 Lower North Shore Rd
108 Lower North Shore Rd94 Lower North Shore Rd
92 Lower North Shore Rd84 Lower North Shore Rd
83 Lower North Shore Rd89 Lower North Shore Rd
28 Upper North Shore Rd19 4th Ave
21 Mountain Ave10 Orchard St
73 Lower North Shore Rd81 Lower North Shore Rd
80 Lower North Shore Rd66 Lower North Shore Rd
60 Lower North Shore Rd52 Lower North Shore Rd
50 Lower North Shore Rd42 Lower North Shore Rd
41 Lower North Shore Rd47 Lower North Shore Rd
49 Lower North Shore Rd55 Lower North Shore Rd
11 First Ave3 First Ave
17 First Ave13 First Ave
13 Second Ave13 Second Ave
7 Second Ave4 Third Ave
5 Third Ave4 4th Ave
7 Third Ave7 Third Ave
2 Upper North Shore Rd8 Upper North Shore Rd
15 Lower North Shore Rd15 Lower North Shore Rd
17 Peach St16 Apple Ln
17 Lower North Shore Rd17 Lower North Shore Rd
21 Lower North Shore Rd31 Lower North Shore Rd
35 Lower North Shore Rd39 Lower North Shore Rd
40 Lower North Shore Rd34 Lower North Shore Rd
32 Lower North Shore Rd30 Lower North Shore Rd
2 Sunken Rd8 Sunken Rd
4 Henry St466 Us Highway 206
464 Us Highway 20610 Stehr St
13 Stehr St9 Stehr St
42 Stehr St42 Stehr St
32 Myrtle Ave48 Myrtle Ave
99 Lakeview Point Ave66 Myrtle Ave
32 Fern St47 Myrtle Ave
14 Woodlawn Ave31 Myrtle Ave
29 Myrtle Ave9 Myrtle Ave
442 Us Highway 206434 Us Highway 206
15 Woodlawn Ave16 Hemlock Ave
75 Lakeview Point Ave53 Lakeview Point Ave
40 Lakeview Point Ave15 Hemlock Ave
30 Lakeview Point Ave34 Lakeview Point Ave
Lakeview Point Ave2 Grove St
35 Lakeview Point Ave19 Lakeview Point Ave
12 Forest St28 Lakeview Point Ave
20 Forest St16 Forest St
15 Forest St3 Hemlock Ave
12 Lakeview Point Ave13 Forest St
15 Lakeview Point Ave15 Lakeview Point Ave
432 Us Highway 206422 Us Highway 206
11 Lakeview Point AveDam Site Culver Lake
22 East Shore Culver Rd32 East Shore Culver Rd
34 East Shore Culver Rd50 East Shore Culver Rd
287 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd277 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
278 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd282 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
270 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd270 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
273 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd267 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
265 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd263 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
264 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd264 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
260 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd260 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
261 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd259 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
257 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd251 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
254 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd254 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
248 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd248 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
238 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd238 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
249 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd239 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
237 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd231 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
230 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd236 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
222 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd228 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
229 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd221 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
219 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd213 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
216 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd212 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
212 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd212 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
206 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd208 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
209 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd207 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
205 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd201 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
200 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd204 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
192 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd194 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
199 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd193 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
191 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd185 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
184 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd188 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
12 Spring Walk16 Spring Walk
2 Spring Walk6 Spring Walk
180 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd172 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
183 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd171 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
169 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd165 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
163 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd141 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
160 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd128 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
116 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd116 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
113 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd69 Cottage Ave
110 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd110 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
107 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd103 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
101 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd101 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
62 Cottage Ave99 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
60 Cottage Ave97 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
67 Cottage Ave59 Cottage Ave
57 Cottage Ave51 Cottage Ave
4 Marion Pl4 Marion Pl
54 Cottage Ave93 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
91 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd91 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
31 Deer Park Ridge Ave33 Deer Park Ridge Ave
3 Powers Ave3 Powers Ave
2 Deer Park Ridge Ave2 Deer Park Ridge Ave
21 Powers Ave21 Powers Ave
21 Mahlon Casterlin Ave21 Mahlon Casterlin Ave
12 Mahlon Casterlin Ave12 Mahlon Casterlin Ave
10 Paulin Ave10 Paulin Ave
8 Paulin Ave8 Paulin Ave
6 Paulin Ave6 Paulin Ave
14 Daisy St14 Daisy St
14 Oscar St14 Oscar St
18 Howell Ave18 Howell Ave
14 Agnes St14 Agnes St
13 Agnes St13 Agnes St
8 Singer St8 Singer St
10 Howell Ave10 Howell Ave
11 Whalen Ave11 Whalen Ave
30 Morris Ave30 Morris Ave
26 Morris Ave26 Morris Ave
6 Howell Ave6 Howell Ave
4 Howell Ave4 Howell Ave
22 Martin Ln22 Martin Ln
18 Martin Ln18 Martin Ln
17 Morris Ave11 Clair St
17 Howell Ave96 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd
78 E Shore Lk Owassa Rd3 Tweed St
9 Kus Rd12 Martin Ln
3 Deer Park Ave61 Plumer Rd
12 Plumer Rd40 Plumer Rd
24 Cottage Ave
51 Plumer Rd17 Cottage Ave
134 West Owassa Tnpk2 Bonning Rd
8 Bonning Rd12 Bonning Rd
16 Bonning Rd
7 Bonning Rd15 Bonning Rd
92 West Owassa Tnpk45 Bonning Rd
30 Bonning Rd48 Bonning Rd
4 Allen Rd70 Bonning Rd
23 Marron Rd7 Marron Rd
61 Bauer Rd63 Bauer Rd
19 Blackford Rd49 Blackford Rd
20 Blackford Rd36 Blackford Rd
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