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Address From
Address To
6 Goffle Rd24 Goffle Rd
Stams Alley
49 Prescott Ave56 Westervelt Ave
71 Prescott Ave24 North 9th St
101 Prescott Ave7 North 12th St
83 Westervelt Ave55 North 10th St
55 Westervelt Ave14 Mohawk Ave
34 Goffle Rd92 Goffle Rd
23 Goffle Rd57 Goffle Rd
112 Goffle Rd136 Goffle Rd
7 Mohawk Ave33 Mohawk Ave
10 Wagaraw Rd200-204 Wagaraw Rd
270 Wagaraw Rd270 Wagaraw Rd
282 Wagaraw Rd Rear282 Wagaraw Rd Rear
296 Wagaraw Rd2 Passaic Ave
275 Wagaraw Rd17 Schoon Ave
25 Vincent St40 Schoon Ave
315 Wagaraw RdSchoon Ave Rear
142 Passaic Ave160 Passaic Ave
11 Passaic Ave410 Wagaraw Rd
43 Passaic Ave61 Passaic Ave
75 Passaic Ave103 Passaic Ave
178 Lincoln Ave168 Lincoln Ave
350 Diamond Bridge Ave29 Reid Pl
11 Wagner Pl15 Midland Ave
9 Norma Terr34 Reid Pl
59 Wagner Pl23 Wagner Pl
318 Diamond Bridge Ave11 Midland Ave
2 Midland Ave24 Wagner Pl
153 Washington Ave179 Washington Ave
1 Washington Pl71 Washington Ave
1 Washington Ave1 Washington Ave
83 Hawthorne Ave97 Hawthorne Ave
54 Hawthorne Ave107 Washington Ave
3 Washington Ave9 Washington Ave
7 Royal Ave80 Washington Ave
8 Royal Ave17 Harrison Pl
4 Washington Ave28 Washington Ave
219 Lafayette Ave213 Lafayette Ave
201 Lafayette Ave193 Lafayette Ave
175 Lafayette Ave173 Lafayette Ave
123 Lafayette Ave95 Lafayette Ave
10 Washington St15 Lincoln St
44 Elberon Ave140 Lafayette Ave
171 Wagaraw Rd37 May St
76 Franklin Ave44 Franklin Ave
95 May St50 Maitland Ave
117 May St44 Tuxedo Ave
86 Llewellyn Ave50 Llewellyn Ave
140 South Ave172 South Ave
162 May St103 Llewellyn Ave
106 Llewellyn Ave111 Tuxedo Ave
122 Tuxedo Ave110 May St
1 Downes Way106 Maitland Ave
120 Franklin Ave94 Franklin Ave
100 Elberon Ave66 Elberon Ave
109 Goffle Rd1 Downes Way
104 North 8th St130 North 8th St
59 Mohawk Ave70 North 11th St
117 Westervelt Ave103 Westervelt Ave
133 Prescott Ave134 Westervelt Ave
137 Westervelt Ave76 Mohawk Ave
105 Mohawk Ave83 North 12th St
Hillside AveHillside Ave
99 Mohawk Ave91 Mohawk Ave
157 Westervelt Ave46 North 13th St
149 Prescott Ave8 North 13th St
153 Prescott Ave12 North 14th St
175 Westervelt Ave58 North 14th St
133 Mohawk Ave137 Mohawk Ave
163 Mohawk Ave159 Mohawk Ave
176 Mohawk Ave154 Mohawk Ave
165 Prescott Ave161 Prescott Ave
218 Westervelt Ave7 North 16th St
15 North 17th St40 W. Prospect St
8 Karl Ave25 W. Prospect St
1 Prospect St37 Prospect St
179 Mohawk Ave11 E. Prospect St
14 Macfarlan Ave34 Macfarlan Ave
44 Macfarlan Ave3-11 Allen St
68 Macfarlan Ave262 Goffle Rd
292 Goffle Rd39 Macfarlan Ave
5 Karl Ave32 Prospect St
7 Disepo Ave19 Knoble Pl
39 East Prospect St36 Karl Ave
31 Knoble Pl63 Disepo Ave
End Of Maitland AveEnd Of Maitland Ave
Karl Ave330 Goffle Rd
32 Summit Ave41 Outlook Ave
3 Mary StEnd Of Outlook Ave
31 Mary St23 Mary St
105 East Prospect St
106 East Prospect St32 North 19th St
120 East Prospect St60 Mary St
71 Mary St21 Chopin Dr
116 Mazur Pl8 Chopin Dr
420 Goffle Rd Rear2 Penney Ct
3 Metro Vista Dr20 Brownstone Ter
8 Metro Vista Dr6 Metro Vista Dr
482 Goffle Rd8 Brockhuizen Lane
548 Goffle Rd
38 Metro Vista Dr17 Hillock Ave
Goffle Brook Pk72 Brookside Ave
11 Brookside Ave43 Brookside Ave
15 Bamford Ave47 Bamford Ave
83 Warren Ave62 Buena Vista Ave
57 Buena Vista Ave60 Arlington Ave
57 Arlington Ave13 Warren Ave
345 Lafayette Ave9 Mckinley Ave
22 Warren Ave
15 Buena Vista Ave51 Buena Vista Ave
15 Parmelee Ave82 Warren Ave
202 May St86 Diamond Bridge Ave
112 Cedar Ave170 May St
156 Cedar Ave
195 May St18 Cedar Pl
227 Lafayette Ave271 Lafayette Ave
325 Lafayette Ave203 Diamond Bridge Ave
225 Diamond Bridge Ave40 Ashley Pl
9 Ashley Pl177 Royal Ave, Unit D
268 Warburton Ave89 Forest Ave
25 Sylvester Ave254 Washington Ave
41 Oak Pl51 Post Ave
230 Hawthorne Ave230 Hawthorne Ave
241 Washington Ave301 Diamond Bridge Ave
177 Hawthorne Ave353 Diamond Bridge Ave
195 Hawthorne Ave106 Sylvester Ave
213 Hawthorne Ave110 Post Ave
235 Hawthorne Ave112 Kingston Ave
268 Lincoln Ave361 Diamond Bridge Ave
255 Hawthorne Ave362 Warburton Ave
275 Hawthorne Ave110 Mawhinney Ave
293 Hawthorne Ave122 Frederick Ave
313 Hawthorne Ave102 Minerva Ave
20 Frederick Ave54 Frederick Ave
10 Mawhinney Ave44 Mawhinney Ave
258 Hawthorne Ave57 Kingston Ave
257 Warburton Ave34 Park Ave
235 Warburton Ave146 Forest Ave
200 Central Ave156 Forest Ave
242 Central Ave155 Forest Ave
Main LineWagaraw Road
Main LineMain Line
17 Central Ave507 Lafayette Ave
485 Lafayette Ave485 Lafayette Ave
445 Lafayette Ave
417 Lafayette Ave290 Grand Ave
399 Lafayette Ave10 Mckinley Ave
81 Arlington Ave154 Warburton Ave
123 Arlington Ave161 Arlington Ave
117 Buena Vista Ave153 Buena Vista Ave
81 Buena Vista Ave115 Buena Vista Ave
94 Mckinley Ave107 Parmelee Ave
105 Warburton Ave145 Parmelee Ave
160 Parmelee Ave187 Bamford Ave
120 Mckinley Ave64 Warburton Ave
138 Mckinley St40 Warburton Ave
118 Bamford Ave44 Rea Ave
662 Goffle Rd7 Nelson Ave
71 Mountain Ave27 Mountain Ave
14 Nelson Ave26 Pasadena Pl
7 Pasadena Pl35 Pasadena Pl
50 Mountain Ave4 Rea Ave Ext
104 Pasadena Pl
710 Goffle Rd760 Goffle Rd
81 Vreeland Ave52 First Ave
25 Vreeland Ave33 First Ave
65 Rea Ave105 First Ave
35 Florence Ave164 Second Ave
61 Florence Ave54 Genevieve Ave
93 Rea Ave103 Second Ave
3 Vreeland Ave37 Second Ave
3 Third Ave37 Third Ave
119 Rea Ave115 Third Ave
91 Florence Ave84 Genevieve Ave
669 Lafayette Ave160 Fourth Ave
645 Lafayette Ave134 Fourth Ave
141 Rea Ave623 Lafayette Ave
18 Utter Ave18 Utter Ave
15-17 Utter Ave131 Fourth Ave
147 Fourth Ave10 Ethel Ave
1 Ethel Ave1 Ethel Ave
150 Fifth Ave170 Fifth Ave
141 Fifth Ave114 Sixth Ave
121 Fifth Ave96 Sixth Ave
45 Utter Ave140 Fifth Ave
153 Central Ave30 Fifth Ave
11 Park Ave43 Park Ave
12 Minerva Ave38 Minerva Ave
51 Park Ave298 Central Ave
87 Minerva Ave335 Hawthorne Ave
345 Hawthorne Ave384 Central Ave
372 Dixie Ave402 Dixie Ave
1 Dixie Ave33 Dixie Ave
263 Central Ave323 Central Ave
123 Fifth Ave30 Horton Ave
109 Parker Ave111 Parker Ave
379 Dixie Ave116 Parker Ave
126 Parker Ave444 Lincoln Ave
163 Parker Ave27 Cornell Ave
492 Lincoln Ave490 Lincoln Ave
145 Parker Ave22 Cornell Ave
125 Parker Ave22 Birchwood Rd
334 Rea Ave67 Ekings Ave
89 Tenth Ave68 Eleventh Ave
71 Tenth Ave46 Eleventh Ave
93 Horton Ave91 Horton Ave
5 Ekings Ave1 Ekings Ave
69 Horton Ave290 Rea Ave
1 Seventh Ave264 Rea Ave
27 Horton Ave22 Seventh Ave
67 Fifth Ave242 Rea Ave
95 Fifth Ave78 Sixth Ave
104 Utter Ave255 Rea Ave
49 Seventh Ave60 Eighth Ave
51 Eighth Ave74 Ninth Ave
49 Ninth Ave81 Ninth Ave
121 Tenth Ave106 Eleventh Ave
359 Rea Ave3 Raymond Pl
240 Utter AveUtter Ave
Route 208 & Utter AveRoute 208 & Utter Ave
389 Rea Ave542 Lincoln Ave
115 Cornell Ave109 Cornell Ave
122 Cornell Ave300 Florence Ave
45-69 Ruth Ave45-69 Ruth Ave
56 Ruth Ave52 Ruth Ave
135 Eleventh Ave141 Eleventh Ave
153 Tenth Ave138 Eleventh Ave
85 Ninth Ave166 Tenth Ave
89 Eighth Ave96 Ninth Ave
85 Seventh Ave108 Eighth Ave
107 Utter Ave92 Seventh Ave
113 Sixth Ave124 Seventh Ave
141 Sixth Ave154 Seventh Ave
115 Seventh Ave120 Eighth Ave
143 Seventh Ave154 Eighth Ave
119 Eighth Ave128 Ninth Ave
145 Eighth Ave244 Van Winkle Ave
113 Ninth Ave194 Tenth Ave
145 Ninth Ave275 Genevieve Ave
268 Van Winkle Ave268 Van Winkle Ave
315 Florence Ave205 Tenth Ave
276 Van Winkle AveVan Winkle Ave Rear
333 Florence Ave110 Ruth Ave
320 Van Winkle Ave64 Victor Pl
160 Cornell Ave47 Victor Pl
131 Cornell Ave181 Cornell Ave
307 Van Winkle Ave343 Van Winkle Ave
132 Rock Rd69 Lee Ave
106 Lee Ave60 Lee Ave
118 Lee Ave10 De Voe Pl
10 Robertson Ave44 Robertson Ave
10 Henry Ave91 Robertson Ave
38 Cathy Ave10 Cathy Ave
90 Sherman Ave51 Robertson Ave
26 Lynne Ave16 Lynne Ave
249 Van Winkle Ave249 Van Winkle Ave
135 Roosevelt Ave
133 Roosevelt AveRt 208 Ninth Av
187 Eighth AveRt 208 & Eighth Ave
220 Eighth Ave220 Eighth Ave
215 Sixth Ave180 Eighth Ave
205 Van Winkle Ave209 Van Winkle Ave
175 Fifth Ave156 Sixth Ave
185 Van Winkle Ave196-222 Sixth Ave
236 Sixth Ave236 Sixth Ave
280 Ninth Ave280 Ninth Ave, Unit 9
175 N. Ethel Ave383 N. Fourth Ave
117 Ethel Ave143 Ethel Ave
155 Van Winkle Ave111 Ethel Ave
180 Fifth Ave180 Fifth Ave
140 Van Winkle Ave29 Ethel Ave
139 Genevieve Ave136 Van Winkle Ave
203 Fourth Ave243 Fourth Ave
118 Ethel Ave122 Ethel Ave
Ethel AveEthel Ave
170 N. Ethel Ave359 N. Fourth Ave
1137 Goffle Rd1133 Goffle Rd
1027 Goffle RdRte 208 Ramp
41 Douglas Ave1009 Goffle Rd
15 Short St39 Short St
15 Hutchinson Ave252 Fourth Ave
39 Hutchinson Ave73 Hutchinson Ave
50 Roosevelt Ave50 Roosevelt Ave
11 Alexandria Ave28 Hutchinson Ave
775 Lafayette Ave72 Alexandria Ave
727 Lafayette Ave759 Lafayette Ave
709 Lafayette Ave190 Fourth Ave
175 Third Ave74 Van Winkle Ave
175 Second Ave44 Van Winkle Ave
760 Lafayette Ave762 Lafayette Ave
106 First Ave102 First Ave
210 Watchung Dr65 N. Watchung Dr
211 Pasadena Pl199 Watchung Dr
165 Pasadena Pl203 Pasadena Pl
15 Watchung Dr2 Pocomoke Pl
33 Watchung Dr24 Pocomoke Pl
75 Watchung Dr115 Watchung Dr
131 Watchung Dr246 Pasadena Pl
116 Pasadena Pl80 Watchung Dr
105 Mountain Ave66 Old Orchard Dr
108 Rea Ave Ext.
80 Old Orchard Dr128 Old Orchard Dr
300 Mountain Ave36 Apple Hill Ct
249 Rea Ave Ext.29 Tonia Terr
5 Sunrise Dr75 Sunrise Dr
34 Beverly Rd33 Mandon Terr
273 Rea Ave Ext317 Rea Ave Ext.
74 Sunrise Dr160 Sunrise Dr
42 Woodside Ave29 Union St
920 Goffle Rd46 Union St
52 Summer St862 Lafayette Ave
51 Summer St890 Lafayette Ave
20 Braen Ave14 Braen Ave
1030-1050 Goffle Rd1012 Goffle Rd
869 Lafayette Ave865 Lafayette Ave
1060 Goffle Rd1064 Goffle Rd
9 Little St127 Rock Rd
65 Rock Rd32 Barker Ave
81 Garden Ave55 Garden Ave
1195 Goffle Rd136 Rock Rd
1192 Goffle Rd117 Braen Ave
103 Braen Ave53 Braen Ave
942 Lafayette AveLaggner Ct
5 Kenwood Rd43 Kenwood Rd
6 Kenwood Rd44 Kenwood Rd
295 Goffle Hill Rd53 Grandview Ave
Route 208Route 208
23 Grandview Ave23 Horizon Terr
108 Hillcrest Ave55 Surrey Pl
48 Mandon Terr105 Surrey Pl
48 Beverly Rd67 Mandon Terr
262 Goffle Hill Rd149 Beverly Rd
64 Greenwood Ave122 Hillcrest Ave
36 Fairview Ave51 Rock Ledge Rd
121 Hillcrest Ave33 Charwalt Pl
638-656 Goffle Hill Rd604 Goffle Hill Rd
55 Emeline Dr219 Emeline Dr
32 Emeline Dr104 Emeline Dr
6 Emeline Dr7 Cider Mill Rd
28 Highcrest Dr38 N. Highcrest Dr
6 Highcrest Dr12 Highcrest Dr
200 Hillcrest Ave15 Highcrest Dr
53 Cider Mill Rd183 Hillcrest Ave
488 Goffle Hill Rd76 Cider Mill Rd
39 Greenwood Ave16 Longview Ct
449 Goffle Hill Rd43 Ridgewood Ave
487 Goffle Hill Rd26 Ridgewood Ave
509 Goffle Hill Rd40 New York Ave
549 Goffle Hill Rd19 Gibraltar Terr
43 Sicomac Rd18 Gibraltar Terr
17 Clara Ave
Xas Pipe LineXas Pipe Line
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