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Property records in Block 192.07 of Toms River Township (Ocean)
This page has all the lots present in Block 192.07 of Toms River Township (Ocean)
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34 results
4 Yellowstone DriveAzurak, Melinda
8 Yellowstone DrivePerrapato, Elena
12 Yellowstone DriveMai, Elaine R
16 Yellowstone DriveAnzella, Anthony M
20 Yellowstone DriveZuest, Doris
24 Yellowstone DriveRobertazzi, Jeffrey A & Veglatte, J
28 Yellowstone DriveKwiatkowski, Annette
73 Allaire DrivePerafan, Fredy & Urbano, Mary P
69 Allaire DriveFord, Richard & Marie
61 Allaire DrivePurpuro, Leila
57 Allaire DriveFountain Homes Llc
53 Allaire DriveReinas, Laura Lee & Koppie, Joseph
49 Allaire DriveCiniello, John Patrick
45 Allaire DriveRamsey, Dolores H
37 Allaire DriveWestlake, Charito
33 Allaire DriveBocchino, Celia
29 Allaire DriveZullo, Lena
25 Allaire DriveBusichio, Richard
17 Allaire DriveFinn, Kathleen
13 Allaire DrivePloskon, Patricia A & Richard
9 Allaire DriveCiambruschini, James
2008 Yorktowne BlvdCurrent Owner
2010 Yorktowne BlvdDegen, Richard A & Nancy
2012 Yorktowne BlvdCardone, Jerry
2014 Yorktowne BlvdBerry, Gail
2016 Yorktowne BlvdJoffe, Thomas G & Carmen G
2018 Yorktowne BlvdNicodemo, Rosalie & White, Jillian
2020 Yorktowne BlvdKanaby, Lynn A
2022 Yorktowne BlvdJaroszonek, Barbara
2024 Yorktowne BlvdEvans, Debra A
2026 Yorktowne BlvdLucia, Rose Marie
2028 Yorktowne BlvdCastelli, Humbert Paul Castelli
2030 Yorktowne BlvdColaizzo, Martin J
2032 Yorktowne BlvdHoliday City Association
0 results