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Property records in Eatontown Borough (Monmouth)
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Address From
Address To
Redwood Drive103 Oak Lane
Dogwood Drive51 Redwood Drive
Redwood Drive20 Redwood Drive
25 Holly Drive67 Holly Drive
Oak Lane73 Oak Lane
Oak Lane74 Oak Lane
Oak Lane9 Birch Lane
Tinton Avenue134 Highway 35
Highway 353 Throckmorton Avenue
163 Broad Street3 Rose Court
23 White St2 Kellys Lane
29 Main StThrockmorton Ave
Tinton AveMaxwell Road
9 Lake Drive5 Lake Drive
Hope RoadMaxwell Road
Pinebrook Road600 Pinebrook Road
613 Hope RoadPinebrook Rd
Pinebrook RdPinebrook Rd
Pinebrook RdPinebrook Rd
Pinebrook Rd100 Maple Ave
68 Carolyn Court76 Carolyn Court
22-24-26-28 Lewis St6-8-10-10a Hwy 35
118 Lewis St86 Lewis St
81 South St50 Highway 35
52 Highway 35South Street
35 Clinton Avenue138 South Street
4 Clinton Ave154 South Street
135 Maple Avenue100 High Street
Pu - UtlPu - Utl
Broad Street44 Broad St
64 Broad Street106 Broad St.
112 Broad Street160 Broad St
Cloverdale Ave57 Byrnes Lane
Cliftwood Ave36 La Fetra Ave
Cliftwood AveBroad Street
79 Highway 35 & ClintonHighway 35
261 Broad St36 Lake Ave
24 Park Avenue317 Broad St
7 Villa Place11 Park Ave
Park Ave37 Park Avenue
39 Park Ave.41 Park Ave
46 Villa Pl54 Villa Pl
30 Villa Place36 Villa Place
333 Broad St335 Broad St
381 Broad St389 Broad Street
28 Irving Place40 Irving Pl
46 Irving Place48 Irving Place
12 First Avenue42 Watson Place
28 Watson Place395 Broad Street
Wyckoff Rd18 Elizabeth Parkway
21 Brook Avenue298 Broad Street
17 Elizabeth Parkway14 Elizabeth Pkwy
11 Applebey St155 Clinton Ave
40 Kremer Avenue24 Kremer Ave.
198 Clinton Ave260 Clinton Avenue
Highway 35 & Clinton93 Highway 35
54 Clinton AveHighway 35
3 & 7 Grant Avenue3 & 7 Grant Avenue
62 Buttonwood Avenue9 Buttonwood Avenue
58 Richardson AveRichardson Ave
Myrtle AveMyrtle Ave
Wyckoff RdWyckoff Rd
175 Wyckoff Road175 Wyckoff Road
75 Grant Ave20 Elm Place
Pinebrook RdPinebrook Rd
Pinebrook RdGrant Ave
7 Tess Court297 Wyckoff Road
745 Hope Road775 Hope Road
Hope RoadHope Road
28 West Grant Ave133 Nottingham Drive
1 Tess Court43 Nottingham Drive
14 West Grant Avenue250 Grant Avenue
2 Nottingham Drive1 Sherwood Drive
28 Nottingham Drive37 Sherwood Drive
44 Oxford Lane78 Nottingham Drive
Grant AvenueGrant Ave
201 Wyckoff Road28 Heritage Road
Grant Avenue IslandGrant Avenue Island
38 Bernad St231 Grant Avenue
62 Emma Place10 Bernad St
217 Wyckoff Rd32 Emma Place
53 Bernad St21 Bernad St.
Highway 36, 35 & WyckoffHighway 35 And 36
Highway 35Highway 35
176 Wyckoff Rd178 Highway 35
164 Highway 35150 Highway 35
151a,b,c,d Hwy 357 Alameda Court
175 Highway 3520 Berkeley Place
162 Malibu Drive88 Reynolds Drive
Malibu Dr19 Carmel Way
38 Carmel Way117 Malibu Drive
125 Reynolds Drive86 Wyckoff Road
40 Wyckoff Road360 Meadowbrook Ave
351 Meadowbrook Ave.19 Eton Pl
351 Pine St3 Eton Place
6 Eton Pl357 Pine St
20 Eton Place19 Farm Lane
24 Eton Place19 Campbell Dr
354 Broad St7 Campbell Drive
368 Broad St369 Benson Pl
22 Campbell Drive366 Benson Pl
363 Meadowbrook Ave366 Pine St
371 Pine Street10 Meadowbrook Ave
80 Reynolds Drive58 Reynolds Drive
20 Stirrup Lane18 Stirrup Lane
28 Holly Glen Way16 Redfern Road
Parker Road2 Village Drive
Village Drive24 Village Drive
47 Rozbern Drive439 Wall St
231 Highway 35Highway 35
70a Highway 36Parker Road
269 Highway 35Wall St.
3 Mackenzie Road7 Mackenzie Road
7 Cedar Street45 Cedar Street
66 Sand Spring Drive64 Thornley Road
1 Thornley Road67 Thornley Road
47 Sand Spring Dr111 Sand Spring Dr
192 Windsor Drive5 Windsor Drive
145 Windsor Drive81 Windsor Drive
2 Windsor Dr34 Windsor Drive
201 Knox Ave218 A Cortland Rd
224 Knox Ave308 Wyckoff Road
Hilbert Parkway5 Woodmere Dr
70 Surrey Lane8 Surrey Lane
25 Ruth Pl98 Hilbert Pkwy
25 Paul Ave26 Ruth Place
41 Walter Avenue17 Paul Avenue
7 Cortland Road12 Cortland Road
54 Paul Ave208 Paul Ave
84 Walter Avenue80 Walter Ave.
312 Paul Avenue306 Paul Avenue
220 Cortland Road223 Cortland Rd
47 Raleigh Ct12 Brentwood Rd
14 Copperfield Court350 Grant Ave.
Wyckoff Rd204b Shark River Rd
556 Industrial Way West234 Industrial Way West
555 Industrial Way West307 Industrial Way West
611 Industrial Way West607 Industrial Way West
600 Industrial Way WestIndustrial Way West
201 Industrial Way West41 James Way
268 Highway 35288 Highway 35
308 Highway 3536 Eaton Road
300 Highway 35300 Highway 35
190 Wall StreetLone Oak Way
60 Industrial Way East354 Old Deal Rd
11 Ash St210 Whalepond Road
279 Old Deal RoadWall Street
480 Wall Street550 Wall St
25 Musket Lane28 Valley Forge Rd
39 Sandy Lane48 Musket Lane
9 Georgetown Dr17 Georgetown Drive
63 Jamestown Road34 Georgetown Drive
45 Valley Forge Road61 Georgetown Drive
7 Heath Street4 Ash St
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