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Address To
35 Rosedale Road210 Elm Road
237 Elm Road101 Lafayette Road
119 Westcott Road54 Westerly Rd
79 Lafayette Rd90 Westcott Road
47 Westcott Road41 Westcott Road
1 Westcott Road11 Westcott Road
221 Elm Road193 Elm Road
33 Lafayette Rd170 Library Place
80 Westcott Road64 Westcott Road
129 Hodge Road22 Lafayette Rd
48 Cleveland Lane57 Hodge Road
51 Cleveland Lane44 Westcott Road
37 Hodge Road10 Cleveland Lane
104 Bayard Lane1 Cleveland Lane
164 Cleveland Lane80 Cleveland Lane
Elm Lane148 Elm Road
5 Campbelton Rd20 Armour Road
160 Hodge Road148 Library Place
159 Library Place2 Morven Place
32 Hodge Road21 Morven Place
107 Library Place101 Library Place
135 Bayard Lane100-104 Leigh Ave
Merwick Stanworth MasterStanworth North
19 Maclean St12 Lytle St
16-82 Clay Street13-1/2 Lytle St
50 Clay Street230 Witherspoon St
232 John St258 John St
188 John St204 John St
Paul Robeson Place102 Witherspoon Street
112 Witherspoon Street31 Green Street
151 John Street167 John St
150 John Street144 John Street
166-168 John Street182-184 John Street
37 Bayard Lane4 Greenholm
Paul Robeson Place77 Bayard Lane
1 Bayard Lane Master Lot6-10 Nassau Street
35 Bank Street20 Nassau Street
38-40 Nassau StreetChambers Street
70 Nassau Street38 Witherspoon St
1 Palmer Square SouthPalmer Square South
Palmer Square WestPalmer Square West
Hulfish NorthPaul Robeson Place
Palmer Square WestPalmer Square West
Palmer Square WestPalmer Square West
15 Palmer Sq West Unit A9 Palmer Sq West Unit D
15 Palmer Sq West Unit D9 Palmer Sq West Unit H
15 Palmer Sq West Unit G9 Palmer Sq West Unit J
44 Nassau Street Unit G44 Nassau Street Unit L
Palmer Sq ParkPalmer Sq Park
201-205 Witherspoon191 Witherspoon St
100 Albert Way4 Harris Road
1 Harris Road114 Jefferson Road
1-10 Franklin Avenue217-221 Witherspoon
104 Jefferson Road70 Jefferson Road
55 Jefferson Road122 Moore Street
111 Jefferson Road174 Moore St
Moore StreetMoore Street
15 Houghton Road35 Richard Court
Witherspoon St12 Shirley Court
25 Greenview Avenue12 Humbert Street
51-53 Humbert StHumbert Rear
11-43 Jefferson Road35 Jefferson Road
10 Spruce Street25 Hamilton Avenue
2 Hamilton Avenue30 Hamilton Avenue
92-96 Nassau Street29-35 Witherspoon St
8-12 Spring Street21 Wiggins Street
44 Spring Street28 Vandeventer Avenue
5-7-9 Lincoln Court19 Lincoln Ct
5 Vandeventer Avenue14 Moore Street
19 Vandeventer Avenue31 Vandeventer Avenue
44-46 Park Place49 Wiggins Street
214 Nassau Street214 Nassau Street
230 Nassau Street6 Chestnut Street
48 - 50 1/2 Pine Street70 Pine St
86 Spruce StreetChestnut St
Westminster Campus92 Linden Lane
147 Hamilton Avenue88 North Harrison Street
253-255 Hawthorne Avenue277 Hawthorne Avenue
103 1/2 Linden Lane105-1/2 Linden La N
145-147 Ewing Street152 North Harrison Street
360 Nassau Street11 North Harrison Street
20 Harriet Drive400 Nassau Street
428 Nassau Street9 Harriet Drive
124 Snowden Lane338 Hamilton Avenue
49 Fisher Avenue55 Fisher Avenue
4 Fisher Avenue45 Stanley Avenue
200 Hamilton Avenue3 Hornor Lane
252 Hamilton Avenue323 Franklin Avenue
345 Franklin Ave48 Erdman Avenue
21 Bainbridge Street249 Hamilton Avenue
N Harrison & Hamilton7 Gordon Way
260-262 Nassau Street264 Nassau Street
119 Spruce Street274 Nassau Street
280 Nassau Street23 Linden Lane
101-137 Hamilton Avenue70 Maple Street
298 Nassau Street7 Evelyn Pl (7-7 1/2)
229 Mercer Street200 Stockton Street
107 Mercer Street18 Edgehill Street
86 Stockton St89 Mercer Street
25 Library50 Stockton Street
220 Mercer Street9 Battle Road
18 Springdale Road132 Mercer Street
98 Mercer Street27 Alexander Street
38-44 Alexander Street14 Alexander Street
Nassau & Mercer StsNassau & Mercer Sts
87 College Road West87 College Road West
20 College Road West81 Alexander Street
84 Alexander Street71 University Place
Univ & Alexander MstrCommuter Lot
Nassau Master Lot61 Nassau Street
Prospect Ave Master LotCorwin-Bendheim-Fisher
William Street-Master Lot42 William St
24 Charlton Street5 Firestone Court
120 Prospect Ave253 Nassau Street
5 Prospect Campus Club51 Prospect Ave
61 Prospect Ave61 Prospect Ave
65 Prospect Ave127 Fitzrandolph
60 Murray Place42 Murray Place
30 Murray Place12 Aiken Avenue
37 Murray Place39 Murray Place
46 Princeton Ave305 Nassau Street
363 Nassau Street1-5 Peck Place
30 Harrison Street10 Sergeant Street
110 Patton Avenue49 Markham Road
375 Nassau Street371 Nassau Street
24 Markham Rd28 Markham Rd
144 Patton Avenue44 Markham Rd
160 Patton Avenue36 Wilton St
134 Prospect Ave150 Prospect Ave
106 Fitzrandolph Road101 Broadmead
160 Prospect Avenue55 Patton Ave
187 Prospect Ave167 Prospect Avenue
123 Patton Ave76-78 Harrison Street
219 Prospect Ave235 Prospect Avenue
8 Robert Road22 Cedar Lane
87 Robert Road79 Robert Road
63 Riverside Drive69 Riverside Drive
118 Cedar Lane335 Prospect Ave
486 Drakes Corner Rd5073 Province Line Rd
475 Drakes Corner Rd908 Cherry Valley Rd
22 Heather Lane140 Heather Lane
1280 Great Road119 Heather Lane
41 Drakes Corner Rd1128 Great Road
1267 Great Road293 Ridgeview Rd
316 Cherry Valley Rd99 Ridgeview Rd
Davies Drive679 Cherry Hill Road
2 Stonewall Circle18 Stonewall Circle
Stonewall Circle O.s.Stonewall Circle O.s.
654 State RoadCherry Valley R0ad
1 Maidenhead Road2 Van Marter Court
63 Maidenhead Road35 Maidenhead Road
Griggs Drive4 Hillside Ave
700 State RoadBillie Ellis Bld#33 Sewer
Griggs DriveGriggs Drive
778 State Road42 Cherry Valley Road
800 State Road852 State Road
860 State Road870 State Road
Old Orchard Lane38 Old Orchard Lane
890 Mt Lucas Road883 State Road
725 Herrontown Rd871 Mt Lucas Road
579 Herrontown Rd68 Herrontown Lane
Herrontown RdHerrontown Rd
367 Herrontown Rd15 Autumn Hill Road
8 Autumn Hill Road22 Autumn Hill Lane
Autumn Hill LaneCordova Road
190 Autumn Hill Road25 Cordova Rd
75 Woods Way171 Autumn Hill Road
351 Herrontown Rd93 Crooked Tree Lane
110 Crooked Tree Lane18 Woods Way
10 Beech Hill Circle38 Crooked Tree Lane
Lake Carnegie1041 Kingston Rd
1108 Kingston Rd334 Dodds Lane
7 Herrontown RdRiver Road
River Road33 River Road
4915 Province Line Rd2 Hageman Lane
226 Drakes Corner Rd66 Bogart Court
Old Great RoadGreat Road
192 Drakes Corner Rd1092 Great Road
25 Oakridge Court48 Oakridge Court
46 Ridgeview Circle120 Ridgeview Circle
145 Ridgeview Circle200 Ridgeview Rd
Ridgeview Rd O S61 Fitch Way
1005 Stuart Rd1141 Stuart Rd
7 White Oak Drive212 Bouvant Drive
474 Cherry Hill Road23 Bouvant Drive
451 Cherry Hill Road31 Balcort Drive
132 Balcort Drive583 Cherry Hill Road
95 Montadale DriveMontadale Drive O S
Davies Drive250 Arreton Road
Cherry Hill Road77 Arreton Road
22 Ross Stevenson Circle16 Ross Stevenson Circle
165 Ross Stevenson Circle27 Ross Stevenson Circle
226 Ross Stevenson Circle212 Ross Stevenson Circle
605 State Road88 Dogwood Hill
800 Bunn Drive101 Poor Farm Road Unit B
701 Mt Lucas Road801 Mt Lucas Road
805 Bunn Drive933 Bunn Drive
474 Herrontown Rd560 Herrontown Rd
2 Windy Top Court658 Snowden Lane
62 Herrontown Cir372 Herrontown Rd
360 Herrontown Rd11 Herrontown Cir
6 Bertrand Dr78 Bertrand Dr
7 Caldwell Dr168 Herrontown Rd
19 Bertrand Dr111 Bertrand Dr
155 Bertrand Dr110 Herrontown Rd
2 Pheasant Hill Rd599 Pretty Brook Rd
4801 Province Line Rd32 Finley Road
1873 Stuart Rd West1781 Stuart Rd West
1772 Stuart Rd West539 Pretty Brook Rd
Tent Rock16 Katies Pond Road
590 Great Road884 Great Road
11 Derwent DrivePretty Brook Rd O S
52 Grasmere Way16 Derwent Drive
953 Great RoadGreat Road
747 Great Road714 Great Road East
1221 Stuart Rd1147 Stuart Rd
1200 Stuart Rd1200 Stuart Rd
944 Stuart Rd980 Stuart Rd
994 Stuart Rd59 Hardy Dr
310 Cherry Hill Road330 Cherry Hill Road
78 Montadale Drive341 Cherry Hill Road
8 Montadale Cir29 Montadale Drive
412 State Road298 State Road
301-331 State Road227 Stuart Rd East
25 Armstrong DriveStuart Rd East
Mt Lucas Road403 Mt Lucas Road
Bunn Drive603 Mt Lucas Road
Bunn Drive41 All Saints Rd
94 Van Dyke Road422 Snowden Lane
63 Van Dyke Road522 Snowden Lane
Snowden Lane551 Snowden Lane
86 Poe Rd306 Shady Brook La
307 Shady Brook La80 Dodds Lane
145 Shady Brook La239 Shady Brook La
154 Dodds Lane234 Dodds Lane
828 Kingston Rd99 Poe Rd
25 Gulick Rd78 Shady Brook La
105 Shady Brook La30 Baker Ct
77 Shady Brook La42 Marion Rd E
254 Dodds Lane284 Dodds Lane
300 Dodds Lane328 Dodds Lane
342 Dodds Lane1038 Kingston Rd
Kingston RdKingston Rd
64 Stony Brook Lane492 Pretty Brook Rd
280 Brooks BendBrooks Bend Roads
271 Brooks Bend101 Brooks Bend
110 Brooks Bend10 Brooks Bend
307 Wendover Drive44 Puritan Court
215 Brookstone Dr271 Brookstone Dr
296 Wendover Drive210 Brookstone Dr
62 Cherry Hill Road82 Cherry Hill Road
Foulet Drive24 Foulet Drive
74 Woodland Drive36 Woodland Drive
3 Woodland Drive67 Woodland Drive
184 Mansgrove Rd243 State Road
167 Laurel Circle294 Mt Lucas Road
162 Red Hill Road East172 Red Hill Road East
96 Laurel Road110 Laurel Road
136 Red Hill Road145 Mansgrove Rd
479 Jefferson Rd223 Mt Lucas Road
67 Dempsey Ave440 Walnut La
501 Ewing St462 North Harrison Street
459 North Harrison Street359 Mt Lucas Road
419 North Harrison Street414 Terhune Rd
8 Founders Lane48 Journeys End Lane
106 Leabrook Lane131 Randall Rd
174 Meadowbrook Dr60 Meadowbrook Dr
177 Meadowbrook Dr107 Meadowbrook Dr
105 Leabrook Lane26 Braeburn Dr
261 Snowden Lane327 Snowden Lane
16 Overbrook Dr50 Overbrook Dr
151 Clover Lane235 Clover Lane
28 Magnolia Lane108 Magnolia Lane
101 Magnolia Lane38 Broadripple Dr
39 Magnolia Lane47 Broadripple Dr
83 Roper RdRandom Rd
68 Overbrook Dr92 Overbrook Dr
601 Prospect Ave673 Prospect Ave
562 Prospect Ave32 Evergreen Circle
22 Carnegie Dr779 Kingston Rd
652 Kingston Rd61 Random Rd
11 Vernon Circle41 Adams Dr
72 Adams Dr88 Adams Dr
120 Audubon Lane4393 Province Line Rd
1 Audubon Lane62 Ettl Circle
Open Space189 Christopher Drive
Rosedale RdRosedale Rd
491 Rosedale Rd O.s.154 Christopher Drive
Province Line RdProvince Line Rd
4509 Province Line RdChristopher Drive
Walker Drive S/c OsWalker Drive S/c Os
Walker Drive S/c Os IiWalker Drive S/c Os Ii
Ettl Circle O.s.Ettl Circle O.s.
Christopher Drive 0sChristopher Drive 0s
Christopher Drive OsChristopher Drive Os
197 Stone Cliff RoadStone Cliff Rd Open Space
Pretty Brook Rd250 Brooks Bend
151 Brooks Bend231 Brooks Bend
14 Fairway Drive166 Fairway Drive
429 Wendover Drive329 Wendover Drive
175 Fairway Drive41 Fairway Drive
105 Greenway Terrace60 Brookstone Dr
9 Fairway Drive57 Brookstone Dr
199 Rosedale RdRosedale Rd
Rosedale Rd163 Brookstone Dr
92 Brookstone Dr192 Brookstone Dr
Great Road124 Hunt Dr
117 Hunt Dr64 Winfield Rd
132 Pretty Brook Rd338 Great Road
115 North Road27 North Road
2 Pardoe Rd12 Pardoe Rd
65 Westerly Rd240 Mountain Ave
11 Glen Drive225 Mountain Ave
Glen Drive56 Glen Drive
39 Wilson Rd9 Pardoe Rd
Bayard Lane221 Bayard Lane
56 Henderson Ave148 Quarry Lane
State RdState Rd
400 Witherspoon St282-284 Witherspoon St
171 Bayard Lane194 Birch Ave
11 Race St118 Birch Ave
41 Leigh Ave40 Birch Ave
84 1/2 Leigh Ave86 Leigh Ave
44 Leigh Ave26 Leigh Ave
11 Terhune Rd41 Turner Ct
2 Mt Lucas Rd2 Mt Lucas Rd
2 Mt Lucas Rd2 Mt Lucas Rd
1 Cherry Hill Road2 Laurel Road
23 Laurel Road79 Laurel Road
14 Terhune Rd93 Mt Lucas Road
327 Jefferson Rd24 Dempsey Ave
170 Terhune Rd392 Walnut La
273 Jefferson Rd185 Terhune Rd
42 Harris Rd36 Harris Rd
283-287 Witherspoon St317 Witherspoon St
46 Henry Ave94 Harris Rd
339 Witherspoon St369 Witherspoon St
111 Harris Rd75 Valley Rd
225 Jefferson Rd225 Jefferson Rd
72 Henry Ave188 Jefferson Rd
45 Harris Rd41 Harris Rd
115 Jefferson Rd133 Jefferson Rd Unit 2
153 Jefferson Rd183 Jefferson Rd
209 Moore St205 Moore St
277 Moore St137 Valley Rd
79 Cuyler Rd448 Ewing St
495 Ewing St252 Terhune Road
392 North Harrison Street401 Ewing St
330 North Harrison Street357 Ewing St
263 Walnut La39 Oakland St
287 Walnut La227 Valley Rd
321 Walnut Lane35 Hillside Rd
349 Walnut La430 Ewing St
27 Franklin Ave27 Franklin Ave
138 Linden Lane174 Linden La
284 Ewing St322 Ewing St
137 Linden La171 Linden La
278 Franklin Ave283 Ewing St
181 North Harrison Street56 Tee-Ar Place
North Harrison Street52 Clearview Ave
29 Clearview Ave77 Clearview Ave
41 Tee-Ar Place49 Dorann Ave
351 Franklin Ave391 Franklin Ave
301 North Harrison Street164 Grover Ave
10 Monroe Lane447 Terhune Rd
12 Randall Rd68 Randall Rd
7 Randall Rd77 Randall Rd
206 Snowden Lane31 Grover Ave
92 Linwood Circle76 Leabrook Lane
101 Leabrook Lane29 Leabrook Lane
150 Snowden Lane156 Snowden Lane
6 Rollingmead141 Snowden Lane
35 Clover Lane58 Deer Path
80 Rollingmead71 Deer Path
55 Littlebrook Rd North6 Littlebrook Rd North
472 Kingston Rd45 Wheatsheaf Lane
58 Riverside Dr36 Prince William Ct
332 Riverside Dr226 Riverside Dr
91 Philip Dr55 Philip Dr
350 Riverside Dr38 Philip Dr
95 Mason Drive85 Mason Drive
90 Woodside Lane32 Mason Drive
381 Riverside Dr146 Philip Dr
4225 Province Line Rd620 Rosedale Rd
50 Lambert Drive50 Pardee Circle
Rosedale Rd474 Rosedale Rd
186 Russell Rd125 Hun Rd
218 Hun Rd292 Russell Rd
Edgerstoune Rd279 Russell Rd
317 Edgerstoune Rd219 Edgerstoune Rd
10 Preservation Place336 Rosedale Rd
Open Space Farrand208 Winant Rd
Constitution Hill H Assoc40 Independence Dr
226 Constitution Dr194 Constitution Dr
16 Rosedale Lane61 Rosedale Lane
Butler Tract Master Lot39 Longview Dr
210 South Harrison Street33 Southern Way
6 Southern Way289 Western Way
266 Western Way320 Western Way
176 Cedar Lane134 Cedar Lane
160 Sycamore Rd69 Balsam Lane
503 Lake Drive581 Lake Drive
510 Lake Drive560 Lake Drive
100 Longview Dr600 Lake Drive
660 Lake Drive34 Knoll Dr
South Harrison Street63 Mc Cosh Circle
60 Mc Cosh Circle94 Mc Cosh Circle
27 Maclean Circle293 Hartley Ave
478 Lake Drive240 Hartley Ave
4535 Province Line Rd4565 Province Line Rd
4179 Province Line Rd4197 Province Line Rd
815 Lawrenceville RoadProvince Line Rd
789 Lawrenceville Road789 Lawrenceville Road
8 Winant Rd118 Winant Rd
102 Russell Rd115 Winant Rd
Winant & Edgerstoune9 Russell Rd
974 Lawrenceville Road890 Lawrenceville Road
1021 Mercer Rd146 Gallup Road
45 Gallup Road949 Mercer Rd
113 Gallup Road83 Gallup Road
187 Gallup Road59 Talbot Lane
Hale Drive194 Carriage Way
Arbors Open Space105 St Clair Court
Arbors Open Space206 Bullock Drive
75 Fleming Way35 Fleming Way
Groves Open Space29 Benjamin Rush Lane
Groves Open Space16 Benjamin Rush Lane
689 Mercer Rd125 Quaker Rd
Oaks Open SpaceOaks Open Space
140 Quaker Rd108 Parkside Dr
44 Quaker RdStockton Street
20 Greenhouse Dr344 Stockton Street
D & R CanalD & R Canal
984 Mercer Rd992 Mercer Rd
Quaker Rd560 Quaker Rd
620 Mercer Rd732 Mercer Rd
528 Mercer Rd536 Mercer Rd
63 Maxwell Lane9 Veblen Circle
56 Maxwell Lane284 Mercer Rd
96 Battle Rd West77 Olden Lane
Olden Lane17 Godel Lane
16 Newlin Road2 Newlin Road
98 Olden Lane2 Ober Road
90 Olden Lane140 Springdale Rd
68 Battle Rd12 Battle Rd
30 Olden Lane36 Olden Lane
Alexander St212 Alexander St
247 Western Way255 South Harrison Street
269 South Harrison Street44 Hartley Ave
168 Fitzrandolph Rd157 Broadmead
Olden LaneAlexander St
Olden LaneOlden Lane
Karin CourtAlexander St
Dean Mathy Housing Master51 Lake Lane
272 Alexander St282 Alexander St
Basin StreetBasin Street
405 Basin Street417 Basin Street
LakelandsUnited Njrr & Canal
LakelandsDelaware & Raritan Canal
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