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Address From
Address To
1093 Jackson AveE Washington Ave
1436 Washington Ave1308 Washington Ave
1210 Washington Ave501 Scotland Run Ave
102 Karenlynn Dr118 Karenlynn Dr
210 Barbara Ln121 Karenlynn Dr
620 Township Line Rd612 Behl Rd
100 Raymar Dr113 Raymar Dr
611 Township Line Rd752 Behl Rd
1957 Clayton Williamstown1963 Clayton Williamstown
1937 Clayton WilliamstownSunset Ave
664 Cedar AveCedar Ave
626 Cedar Ave593 Tanger Ave
595 Kessel Ave574 Cedar Ave
632 Tanger Ave542 Kessel Ave
590 Cherry Ave580 Cherry Ave
602 Star AveCorbin Ave
664 Scotland Run Ave587 Corbin Ave
560 Sunset Ave684 Scotland Run Ave
871 Lincoln Ave2682 Williamstown Rd
533 Sunnyhill Ave395 Sunnyhill Ave
517 Herman Dr73 Catherine Dr
3060 Williamstown RdHerman Dr (Back)
120 Catherine Ct344 Sunnyhill Ave
11 Sandra Way99 Sandra Way
47 Ashley Dr166 Sandra Way
123 Catherine Dr112 St Anthony Ln
101 St Anthony Ln113 St Anthony Ln
103 Florawood Ct124 Florawood Ct
955 Federal Ave952 Lincoln Ave
2156 Chew Ave2342 Chew Ave
259 Fergeson Ave95 Fergeson Ave
309 Sunnyhill Ave147 Sunnyhill Ave
157 Lakeview Ave175 Lakeview Ave
232 Lakeview Ave154 Lakeview Ave
7 Dawn Dr115 Dawn Dr
96 Dawn Dr192 Dawn Dr
4398/4394 Tuckahoe Rd4500 Tuckahoe Rd
4358 Tuckahoe Rd1921 Janvier Rd
4339 Tuckahoe Rd4201 Tuckahoe Rd
2831 Birch AveHancock Ave
3890 Hancock Ave3914 Hancock Ave
3893 3893a Tuckahoe Rd2697 Sheridan Ave
2970 E Grant Ave4323 W Malaga Rd
3891 W Malaga Rd3178 Tuckahoe Rd
2032 Grant Ave577 Lincoln Ave
2066 Grant Ave2212 Grant Ave
3171 Coles Mill RdColes Mill Rd&mccurdy Ave
512 Lincoln Ave2156 Sheridan Ave
101 Peach Tree Dr209 Cherry Tree Ct
102 Peach Tree Dr118 Peach Tree Dr
1751 Stanton Ave1507 Stanton Ave
1371 Marshall Mill Rd1481 Marshall Mill Rd
2590 Sheridan Ave3529 Coles Mill Rd
1520 Autumn Dr1628 Autumn Dr
1525 Autumn Dr1633 Autumn Dr
3353 Coles Mill Rd1746 Stanton Ave
1349 Marshall Mill Rd1279 Stanton Ave
Carpenito AveCarpenito Ave
202 Nothnick Ln404 Franklin St
374 Franklin St362 Franklin St
332 Franklin St316 Franklin St
489 Franklin St421 Franklin St
150 Roosevelt Ave87 Nelson Ave
1088 Delsea Dr78 Nelson Ave
Coles Mill Rd388 Fries Mill Rd
776 Proposed Ave908 Proposed Ave
2658 Coles Mill Rd2766 Coles Mill Rd
1477 Pennsylvania Ave1537 Pennsylvania Ave
2382 Coles Mill Rd2486 Coles Mill Rd
2375 Coles Mill Rd2489 Coles Mill Rd
Ely Ave160 Ely Ave
1516 Williamstown Rd1808 Williamstown Rd
2298 Williamstown Rd657 Washington Ave
492 Clearfield Ave1694 Grant Ave
2162 Williamstown Rd353 Clearfield Ave
961 Jackson Ave525 Jackson Ave
1457 Fries Mill Rd1457 Fries Mill Rd
959 Washington Ave971 Washington Ave
9 Lacey Rae Dr101 Lauren Way
108 Lauren Way32 Lauren Way
1547 Coles Mill Rd1191,1197 Fries Mill Rd
574 Fries Mill Rd790 Fries Mill Rd
1016 East Ave697 Grant Ave
2710 Delsea DrDelsea Dr
1276 Little Mill Rd63 Hillcrest Ln
1507 Hall Ave1459 Hall Ave
8 Kilnview Ave3433 Delsea Dr
East Ave872 East Ave
5 Kilnview Ave5 Kilnview Ave
S Broad StS Broad St
1247 Little Mill Rd1117 Little Mill Rd
1130 Little Mill RdRailroad Ave (Back)
500 Swedesboro Rd762 Swedesboro Rd
Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks
Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks
1700 Willow Grove Rd721 Little Mill Rd
573 Fennel RdFennel Rd
1290 Swedesboro Rd618 Fennel Rd
966 Little Mill Rd966 Little Mill Rd
456 Dogwood Ave450 Dogwood Ave
894 Little Mill RdViolet Ln
852 Little Mill Rd488 Daisy St
488 Buttercup St464 Buttercup St
Swedesboro Rd1060 Swedesboro Rd
1065 Swedesboro RdSwedesboro Rd
1683 Willow Grove Rd1477 Willow Grove Rd
1606 Monroeville Rd747 Willow Grove Rd
396 Garrison Rd382 Garrison Rd
Garrison Rd100 Garrison Rd
105 Garrison Rd141 Garrison Rd
1125 Monroeville Rd1125 Monroeville Rd
610 Monroeville Rd610 Monroeville Rd
1234 Willow Grove RdMonroeville Rd
14 Doe Run Dr101 Deerwood Dr
1079 Royal Ave220 Idle Lake Rd
11 Laurel St1015 Royal Ave
18 Pine St142 Idle Lake Rd
959 Royal Ave975 Royal Ave
123 Idle Lake Rd103 Idle Lake Rd
34 Pine StPine St
221 Idle Lake Rd44 Laurel St
Wilson Ave (Back)338 Swedesboro Rd
275 Railroad Rd157 Railroad Ave
259 Swedesboro Rd269 Swedesboro Rd
Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks
Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks
23 Frontage Rd1082 Royal Ave
788 Royal Ave871 Reed Ave
225 Taylor Rd660 Royal Ave
175 Taylor Rd423 Willow Grove Rd
115 Willow Grove Rd251 Willow Grove Rd
9 Johns Way25 Johns Way
248 Willow Grove Rd71 Kimm Dr
138 Lay Dr102 Lay Dr
4491 Harding Hwy4491 Harding Hwy
631 Reed Ave631 Reed Ave
445 Magnolia Ave611 Reed Ave
448 Magnolia Ave601 Reed Ave
600 Reed Ave590 Reed Ave
576 Reed AveHolly Dr
575 Reed Ave563 Reed Ave
Sassafras Ave451 Elmore Ave
600 Holly Dr542 Reed Ave
532 Reed Ave561 Taylor Rd
Elmore Ave507 Taylor Rd
558 Taylor Rd345 Porchtown Rd
572 Porchtown RdPorchtown Rd
775 Porchtown RdReed Ave
749 Porchtown Rd51 Sixth St
729 Porchtown Rd55 Fifth St
697 Porchtown Rd41 Fourth St
11 Third St74 Second St
24 First St85 Second St
629 Porchtown Rd26 Club House Dr
23 Wilson Rd595 Porchtown Rd
909 Porchtown Rd979 Porchtown Rd
993 Porchtown Rd1135 Porchtown Rd
886 Porchtown Rd980 Porchtown Rd
967 Williamstown Rd995 Williamstown Rd
1020 Williamstown Rd1999-2007 Delsea Dr
2165 Delsea Dr2149 Delsea Dr
2205 Delsea Dr2417 Delsea Dr
Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks
Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks
95 Macarthur Ave2694 Delsea Dr
96 Macarthur Ave72 Macarthur Ave
144 Macarthur Ave2526 Delsea Dr
2510 Delsea Dr2500 Delsea Dr
38 Veterans Way2406 Delsea Dr
2515 Delsea Dr1278 Porchtown Rd
Porchtown RdPorchtown Rd
181 Swedesboro Rd1315 Porchtown Rd
2703 Delsea Dr2589 Delsea Dr
Blackwood Ave113 Blackwood Ave
169 Lakeside Ave169 Lakeside Ave
190 Lakeside Ave190 Lakeside Ave
80 Tern Dr46 Tern Dr
24 Tern Dr257 Blackwood Ave
221 Blackwood Ave83 Tern Dr
199 Blackwood Ave209 Blackwood Ave
8 Mallard Dr98 Lakeside Ave
Blackwood Ave165 Blackwood Ave
30 Heron Dr52 Lakeside Ave
132 Blackwood Ave60 Fischer Ave
246 Blackwood Ave230 Blackwood Ave
Delsea DrDelsea Dr
42 Wall St603 Roberts Ave
72 Wall St625 George St
662 George StJudy Ave
652 Judy Ave614 Judy Ave
92 Elmer St474 Karen Ave
54 Elmer StDelsea Dr
56 Paul St48 Paul St
Delsea Dr & Fries Mill Rd11 Joshua Ct
373 Fries Mill RdFries Mill Rd (At Point)
2086 Delsea Dr2150 Delsea Dr
537 Fries Mill Rd1800 Coles Mill Rd
506 Fries Mill Rd1940 Coles Mill Rd
860 Williamstown Rd46 Willette Ave
892 Williamstown Rd13 Willette Ave
36 Station Ave26 Station Ave
52 Station AveWaddell Ave
82 Station Ave82 Station Ave
978 Williamstown Rd954 Williamstown Rd
997 Williamstown Rd77 Station Ave
Hale Ave101 Station Ave
1971 Delsea Dr134 Hale Ave
108 Station Ave124 Station Ave
162 Station Ave148 Station Ave
81 Hale AveHale Ave (Off)
150 Crosby Rd150 Crosby Rd
86 Champion Rd160 Crosby Rd
74 Greensboro Rd46 Greensboro Rd
24 Triumph Rd120 Waddell Ave
Carmen AveCarmen Ave
Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks
671 Williamstown Rd694 Porchtown Rd
660 Williamstown RdWilliamstown Rd
Carmen AveCarmen Ave
1829 Delsea Dr1739 Delsea Dr
Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks
12 Leonard Cake Rd17th St
18th St18th St
17th St17th St
17th St17th St
16th St16th St
16th St16th St
16th St16th St
298 Porchtown Rd4386 Harding Hwy
15th St15th St
15th St15th St
15th St15th St
14th St14th St
14th St14th St
14th St14th St
13th St13th St
13th St13th St
12th St12th St
12th St12th St
12th StBroadway
Harding HwyHarding Hwy
12th St12th St
11th St11th St
10th St10th St
10th St10th St
Harding HwyHarding Hwy
10th St10th St
194 Leonard Cake Rd805 Oak Ave
15th St15th St
611 Oak Ave585 Oak Ave
Oak AveOak Ave
558 Oak Ave542 Oak Ave
565 Oak Ave535 Oak Ave
14th St14th St
13th St13th St
521 Oak Ave491 Oak Ave
520 Oak Ave492 Oak Ave
Lake Blvd & Scotland AveLake Blvd & Scotland Ave
476 Oak Ave446 Oak Ave
475 Oak Ave447 Oak Ave
12th St12th St
11th St11th St
401 Oak Ave401 Oak Ave
11th St376 Oak Ave
375 Oak AveSmallwood Dr
11th St11th St
10th St10th St
19 Bentwood Dr19 Bentwood Dr
Smallwood DrSmallwood Dr
329 Oak AveHeather Ct
254 Oak AveSmallwood Dr
Lake BlvdPassadena Ave
Lake Blvd7th St
178 Belmont AveMalaga Lake Blvd
Passadena AvePassadena & Belmont Ave
Fernwood & Passadena AvePassadena Ave & Birchwood
232 Oak Ave218 Oak Ave
219 Oak Ave
29 Bentwood DrFernwood Rd
100 Bentwood DrMalaga Lake Blvd
110 Bentwood Dr197 Oak Ave
196 Oak Ave133 Malaga Lake Blvd
4461 Harding Hwy15th St
16th & Harding Hwy16th & Harding Hwy
16th & Harding Hwy16th & Harding Hwy
14th & Harding Hwy14th & Harding Hwy
Access RdAccess Rd
Access RdAccess Rd
Access RdAccess Rd
Access RdAccess Rd
Access RdAccess Rd
Access RdAccess Rd
Access RdAccess Rd
Access RdAccess Rd
Whittick AveWhittick Ave
Whittick AveWhittick Ave
Whittick AveWhittick Ave
Whittick AveWhittick Ave
Whittick AveWhittick Ave
5th & Springfield5th & Springfield
Harding HwyHarding Hwy
Malaga AveMalaga Ave
Whittick AveWhittick Ave
Whittick AveWhittick Ave
Georges & WhittickGeorges & Whittick
Harding HwyHarding Hwy & Woodland
Springfield AveSpringfield Ave
Georges & WhittickGeorges & Whittick
Whittick AveWhittick Ave
Whittick AveCounty Ave
Springfield & MalagaSpringfield & Malaga
W First StW First St
Harding Hwy3715 Harding Hwy
3691 Harding HwyWoodland Ave
Springfield AveW First St
Springfield AveSpringfield Ave
County AveCounty Ave
Harding Hwy85 Defiance Rd
108 New Rd66 Richman St
303 Delsea Dr28 Malaga Ter
55 Dahl TerDelsea Dr
Harding Hwy369 Delsea Dr
Harding Hwy5th & Broadway
Harding HwyBroadway
3836 Harding HwyBroadway
3780 Harding Hwy3780 Harding Hwy
Oak AveOak Ave
75 Oak Ave63 Oak Ave
118 Malaga Lake Blvd74 Malaga Lake Blvd
5 Balsam Ct95 Oak Ave
153 Greenwood Ave35 Edgewood Ave
64 Oak Ave48 Oak Ave
88 Redwood Ave3710 Harding Hwy
56 Greenwood Ave56 Greenwood Ave
Greenwood AveRedwood Ave
Greenwood AveGreenwood Ave
121 Greenwood Ave60 Edgewood Ave
Greenwood AveGreenwood
Greenwood AveGreenwood Ave
100 Cedarwood AveCedarwood Ave
Belmont Ave5th St
Malaga Lake BlvdLake Blvd
Leonard Cake Rd1481 Delsea Dr
1173 Delsea Dr1005 Delsea Dr
Malaga Park Dr177 Malaga Park Dr
Leonard Cake Rd241 Malaga Park Dr
Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks
Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks
110 Malaga Park Dr3448 Harding Hwy
59 Old Dutch Mill Rd563 Delsea Dr
253 Old Dutch Mill Rd293 Old Dutch Mill Rd
East Blvd & Harding HwyEast Blvd & Harding Hwy
270 Marshall Mill Rd260 Marshall Mill Rd
750 Delsea Dr750 Delsea Dr
724 Delsea Dr724 Delsea Dr
688 Delsea Dr688 Delsea Dr
Harding Hwy345 Dutch Mill Rd
326 Dutch Mill Rd344 Dutch Mill Rd
2922 Harding HwyHarding Hwy
2890 Harding Hwy2882 Harding Hwy
Market StMarket St
378 Elmwood Ave229 Market St
378 Dutch Mill RdDutch Mill Rd
377 Dutch Mill Rd417 Dutch Mill Rd
Delsea DrDelsea Dr
Delsea DrDelsea Dr
433 Dutch Mill Rd453 Dutch Mill Rd
430 Dutch Mill RdDutch Mill & Broad
490 Dutch Mill RdDutch Mill Rd
Dutch Mill RdDutch Mill Rd
Maria CtMaria Ct & Chestnut
234 Broad StChestnut St
Broad & HawthorneMarket St & Hawthorne Ave
Broad & Hawthorne169 Broad St
198 Broad St214 Broad St
246 Maria Ct290 Maria Ct
New Jersey & Chestnut AveWashington Ave
180 Broad St174 Broad St
2872 Harding Hwy2872 Harding Hwy
2840 Harding HwyWashington & Kossuth Aves
156 Broad St156 Broad St
Washington & ChestnutWashington & Chestnut
265 Morris Ave293 Morris Ave
Kossuth Ave211 Morris Ave
143 Morris AveKossuth Ave (Vacated)
2810 Harding Hwy131 Morris Ave
148 Morris Ave174 Morris Ave
202 Morris Ave246 Morris Ave
2688 Harding Hwy2766 Harding Hwy
1732 W Blvd1720 West Blvd
Hill StWest Blvd
Euclid & Pearl StEuclid & Pearl St
558 Windsor St558 Windsor St
3108 Mt Carmel St3108 Mt Carmel St
508 Rosewood St509 University St
1820 West Blvd1794 West Blvd
3156 Mt Carmel StMt Carmel St
514 W Main St510 Windsor St
536 W Main St533 Windsor St
3220 St Bernard St3196 St Bernard St
3232 Euclid St3174 Euclid St
450 Delsea Dr564 Delsea Dr
Linwood & Olive St601 W Main St
578 Delsea DrOlive St
Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks
Railroad TracksHarding Hwy & Railroad
1943 West BlvdGrubb Rd (Back)
2 Grubb RdWalnut Ave
46 Grubb RdNew York Ave
72 Grubb Rd538 Spruce Ave
Grubb RdPoplar Ave
164 Grubb RdLinden & New York Ave
152 New York Ave152 New York Ave
New York & PoplarDelaware And Poplar
522 Spruce AveDelaware Ave
38 Grubb Rd503 Spruce St
New York AveNew York Ave
Delaware AveDelaware Ave
489 Spruce Ave489 Spruce Ave
488 Spruce AveNew Jersey Ave
Delaware Ave122 New Jersey Ave
147 New Jersey AveNew Jersey Ave
144 New Jersey Ave158 New Jersey Ave
126 New Jersey AveHarris Ave
New Jersey AveHarris Ave
48 New Jersey Ave68 New Jersey Ave
New Jersey AveNew Jersey Ave
Harris AveHarris Ave
Harris & Spruce AveHarris & Spruce Ave
Harris AveLinden & Harris Ave
Linden AveLinden Ave
182 Grubb Rd555 Fir Ave
230 Grubb Rd231 New York Ave
256 Grubb Rd255 New York Ave
286 Grubb Rd291 New York Ave
326 Grubb Rd329 New York Ave
New York AveDelaware Ave
292 New York Ave313 Delaware Ave
256 New York Ave259 Delaware Ave
224 New York Ave231 Delaware Ave
186 New York AveDelaware Ave
Delaware AveNew Jersey Ave
Delaware AveNew Jersey Ave
Delaware AveNew Jersey Ave
Delaware AveNew Jersey Ave
324 Delaware Ave327 New Jersey Ave
New Jersey Ave1435 West Blvd
New Jersey AveHarris Ave
Harris AveHarris Ave
New Jersey Ave225 Harris Ave
New Jersey Ave175 Harris Avenue
Chestnut AveChestnut Ave
1425 West Blvd1425 West Blvd
1931 West Blvd1843 West Blvd
107 Nicholas Dr149 Nicholas Dr
Harding HwyHarding Hwy
Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks
470 Grubb Rd2479 Harding Hwy
West Blvd (Back)4902 Lake Rd
West Blvd & Lake Rd4740 Lake Rd
1405 West Blvd4465 Lake Rd
1209 Brown Rd1229 Brown Rd
Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks
Railroad TracksRailroad Tracks
310 Morris Ave500 Morris Ave
602 Dutch Mill Rd764 Dutch Mill Rd
Marshall Mill Rd624 Marshall Mill Rd
928 Central Ave978 Marshall Mill Rd
516 Rachel Dr600 Rachel Dr
567 Rachel Dr771 Rachel Dr
1096 Clark Ave1993 Tuckahoe Rd
2142 Dutch Mill Rd1521 Tuckahoe Rd
2744 Main Rd2952 Main Rd
3372 Main Rd
20 Woolford Ave190 Evergreen Ave
Tuckahoe & Blue Bell1750 Tuckahoe Rd
Tuckahoe & Dutch Mill Rd2088 Tuckahoe Rd
3050 Tuckahoe Rd3892 W Malaga Rd
N Blue Bell RdW Malaga Rd
N Blue Bell Rd4459 Coles Mill Rd
Whitehall Rd2766 N Blue Bell Rd
2216 N Blue Bell Rd787 Salem Ave
820 Salem Ave862 Salem Ave
2634 N Blue Bell Rd35 Salem Ter
3681 Dutch Mill Rd3341 Dutch Mill Rd
596 Union Ave3140 Dutch Mill Rd
2050 N Blue Bell Rd2038 N Blue Bell Rd
950 Whitehall Rd2892 Dutch Mill Rd
1300 Tuckahoe Rd2944 Victoria Ave
2184 Victoria Ave2208 Victoria Ave
1278 Piney Hollow RdUnexpected Rd
1302-1350 Piney Hollow RdPiney Hollow Rd
124 Harding Hwy340 Harding Hwy
Tuckahoe RealignmentS Blue Bell Rd
100 Tuckahoe Rd300 Tuckahoe Rd
Piney Hollow Rd528 Piney Hollow Rd
Main Rd M38185 Main Rd
S Blue Bell Rd & Flora1616 Flora Rd
1928 Forest Grove Rd1912 Forest Grove Rd
410 S Blue Bell Rd1858 Weymouth Rd
655 Harding HwyHarding Hwy
Harding Hwy247 Harding Hwy
Strawberry Ave19 City Line Ave
782 Strawberry Ave892 Strawberry Ave
83 S Blue Bell Rd1570 Forest Grove Rd
Main RdMain Rd
1500 Forest Grove Rd1372 E Garden Rd (Back)
1286 Sunrise Ave (Back)1256 Sunrise Ave (Back)
2822 Friendship St2871 Alberic St
2896 Alberic StForest Grove Rd
1014 Catawba Ave1094 Catawba Ave
563 Forsythia Dr761 Forsythia Dr
865 Weymouth RdWeymouth Rd
1002 Main Rd1560 Catawba Ave
696 Main Rd
706 Weymouth Rd664 Weymouth Rd
3501 Prospect Ave3404 Grace Ann Dr
Weymouth RdProspect Ave
Tuckahoe & Lake RdHarding Hwy (Back)
1381 Harding Hwy1149 Harding Highway
2040 Harding Hwy5240 Lake Rd
1899 Main RdHarding Hwy
1883 Harding HwyHarding Hwy (Back)
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