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Property records in South Orange Village Township (Essex)
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Address To
705 Longview Road187 Hill Drive
700 Longview Road165 Glenview Road
170 Hill Drive665 Longview Road
170 Glenview Road187 Great Hills Drive
170 Great Hills Drive202 Great Hills Drive
170 North Woods Drive202 North Woods Drive
597 Longview Road210 Crest Wood Drive
559 Laurel Place539 Laurel Place
71 Blanchard Rd12 Crest Circle
420 Harding Drive471 Mayhew Ct
421 Redmond Road496 Mayhew Court
Wyoming Ave321 Wyoming Avenue C4d
365 Forest Road343 Forest Road
381 Forest Road370 Franklin Place
502 Wyoming Avenue511 Melrose Place
330 Franklin Place363 Melrose Place
500 Melrose Place11 Franklin Terrace
2 Franklin TerraceUnknown
502 Ridgewood Road North500 Hillside Terrace
501 Hillside Terrace147 Montrose Ave West
117 Montrose Avenue West505 Clark Street
71 Montrose Ave W7 East Clark Place
2 East Clark Pl16 East Clark Place
461 Vose AvenueUnknown
504 Vose Avenue529 Scotland Road
404 Ridgewood Road North186 Montrose Avenue West
406 Hillside Place174 Montrose Avenue West
127 Mountain House Road407 Clark Street
432 Page Terrace431 Clark Street
404 Clark Street424 Clark Street
404 Meeker StreetMeeker Street
407 Vose AvenueVose Ave
53 Stewart Pl405 Scotland Road
504 Scotland Road115 Montrose Avenue
506 Henderson Drive111 Thacher Lane
12 Keasbey Road165 Halsey Place
151 Montrose Avenue475 Berkeley Avenue
560 Berkeley AvenueUnknown
211 Montrose Ave515 Grove Terr
3 Harrison Court8 Harrison Court
354 Charlton Avenue206 Montrose Avenue
243 Irving Ave2 Woodland Crescent
302 Grove Road346 Irving Avenue
367 Turrell Avenue387 Hall Court
356 Grove Rd358 Montrose Avenue
251 Montrose Avenue358 Hartford Road
500 Grove Terrace334 Warwick Avenue
556 Irving Terrace1 Mosswood Avenue
257 Warwick Avenue365 Warwick Avenue
758 Stirling Drive East407 Stirling Ave
551 S Orange Ave516 Hamilton Road
458 Centre Street534 Hartford Court
602 Centre Street603 Centre Street Rear
14 Kingman Road51 Stanley Road
6 Stanley Road48 Stanley Road
707 South Orange Avenue34 Holland Road
705 Marion Avenue709 Marion Ave
705 Kenmore Avenue709 Kenmore Avenue
756 Varsity Road668 Varsity Road
146 Centre Street South104 Centre Street South
148 Reynolds Place112 Reynolds Place
552 Sinclair Terrace575 Cameron Road
34 Centre Street South17 Kingman Road South
150 Kingman Road South118 Kingman Road South
160 Mercer Pl112 Mercer Place
654 Sinclair Terrace77 Montrose Street
44 Kingman Road South11 Stanley Road South
54 Stanley Road South14 Stanley Road South
144 Milton Place120 Milton Place
1164 South Orange Avenue10 Montrose Street
96 Ward Place37 Centre Street South
4 University Court31 Elm Court
54 University Court41 Warren Court
340 Turrell Avenue366 Turrell Avenue
50 Raymond Avenue163 Scotland Road
104 Raymond Avenue179 Charlton Ave
204 Raymond Avenue152 Charlton Avenue
110 Vose Avenue103 Scotland Road
68 Vose Ave60 Vose Avenue
52 Taylor Place65 South Orange Avenue
116 Scotland Road170 Ralston Avenue
251 South Orange Avenue251 South Orange Avenue
301 So Orange Ave58 Park Place
6 Fielding Court46 Fielding Court
262 Grove Road262 Grove Road
254 Vose Ave310 Vose Avenue
324 Scotland Road170 Irving Avenue
322 Charlton Ave266 Irving Avenue
292 Scotland Rd170 Turrell Avenue
286 Charlton Avenue233 Grove Rd
100 Ridgewood Road North360 Ridgewood Rd North
171 Meadowbrook Place380 Hillside Place
5 Mead Street288 Meeker Street
117 Meadowbrook Pl350 Meadowbrook Lane
71 Meadowbrook Place340 Clark Street
336 Meeker Street332 Meeker Street
201 Vose Avenue269 Vose Avenue
61 Ridgewood Road North279 Tillou Road
105 Ridgewood Road North345 Beech Spring Road
205 Highland Road267 Highland Rd
241 Ridgewood Rd North325 Redmond Road
465 Overhill Road440 Twin Oak Road
463 Twin Oak Road161 Mayhew Drive
472 Vista Way323 Harding Drive
296 Underhill Road278 Underhill Road
467 Tillou Road356 Harding Drive
435 Twin Oak Road123 Wyoming Avenue
425 Tillou Road212 Mayhew Drive
672 Brentwood Drive35 Hoskier Road
656 Inwood Lane142 Glenview Road
646 Longview Road608 Longview Road
3 Glenview Road39 Glenview Road
659 S Orange Ave W20 Foster Court
18 Overhill Road19 Foster Court
22 Allen Court21 Overhill Road
52 Glenview Road68 Glenview Road
54 Whiteoak Drive70 Whiteoak Drive
44 Speir Dr60 Speir Dr
62 Speir Drive77 Duffield Drive
44 Duffield Drive60 Duffield Drive
62 Duffield Drive77 Crest Drive
44 Crest Drive62 Crest Drive
432 Twin Oak Road425 Overhill Road
360 Tillou Road308 Tillou Road
28 Hart Drive North21 Hart Drive South
Village Green28 Village Green Court
70 Mayhew Drive447 So Orange Avenue West
54 Ridgewood Road South32 Ridgewood Rd South
58 Church Street26-40 Church St Unit 24
1 Mews Lane9 Mews Lane
10 Ridgewood Road North9 So Orange Ave West
8 Second Street115 Valley Street
7 Second Street67-69 Valley Street
1-15 Sloan St1-15 Sloan St
12 Sloan Street24 South Orange Avenue
1-7 South Orange Avenue9-25 Vose Ave
10 Village PlazaVillage Plaza
268 Valley Street74 Massel Terr
254 Valley Street207 Academy Street
184 Valley Street158 Valley Street
120 Valley Street74 Second Street
53 Second Street57 Second Street
70 Valley Street79 Second Street
20 Valley Street66 South Orange Avenue
260 Academy Street208 Academy Street
217 Prospect Street155 Prospect Street
120 Third Street - Unit A120 Third Street - Unit B
124 Third Street - Unit A124 Third Street - Unit B
103 Third Street131 Prospect Street
101 Second Street129 Second St
116 Irvington Avenue -116 Irvington Avenue -
105 Milligan Place123 Milligan Place
88 South Orange Avenue121 Irvington Avenue
224 Prospect St178 Village Road
200 Irvington Ave200 Irvington Avenue 9b
152 Prospect Street190 Kilburn Place
Prospect St18 Prospect Street C5e
153 Irvington Ave153 Irvington Avenue-206
177 Irvington Avenue177 Irvington Avenue
154 South Orange Avenue33 Cottage Street
203 Irvington Avenue26 Cottage Street
201 Montague Place216 Village Road
209 Village Road166 Tichenor Avenue
253 Irvington Avenue68 Riggs Place
251 Gardner Avenue12 Riggs Place
298 Richmond Avenue253 Ward Place
204 West Fairview Avenue180 West Fairview Avenue
299-305 Irvington Ave120 Fairview Ave
62 Fairview Avenue28 Fairview Ave
303 Montague Place236 Ward Place
401 Irvington Avenue134 Ward Place
268 Waverly Place238 Waverly Place
451 Irvington Avenue158 College Place
477 Irvington Ave144 Seton Place
2 Eder Terrace22 Eder Terrace
306 Valley Street307 Academy St
324 Valley St324 Valley Street-Unit 30
372-378 Valley Street372 Valley Street - C3g
304 Academy Street331 Prospect Street
252 Prospect Street319 Tichenor Avenue
302 Tichenor Avenue305 Richmond Avenue
200 Coudert Place211 Garfield Place
227 Garfield Pl306 Richmond Ave
354 Radel Terrace314 Radel Terr
400 Valley Street88 Roland Avenue
102 Roland Avenue132 Roland Avenue
158 Garfield Place425 Summit Avenue
405 Richmond Avenue428 Summit Avenue
454 Valley Street82 Arnold Terrace
106 Prospect Place451 Prospect Street
450 Prospect Street470 Prospect Street
503 Academy Street90 Hixon Place
Unknown479 Prospect Street
298 Walton Avenue270 Walton Avenue
465 Valley Street347 Valley Street
315-317 Valley Street14 Fourth Street
185 Valley St153 Valley Street
380 South Orange Ave W11 Briar Court
40 Rynda Road8 Rynda Road
203 Conway Court200 So Orange Avenue West
400 So Orange Avenue West109 Rynda Road
98 Rynda Road216 Kingsland Terrace
309 Western Drive North277 Western Drive North
250 Ridgewood Road South208 Ridgewood Road South
390 West End Road336 West End Road
310 West End Road305 Ridgewood Road South
292 Ridgewood Road South235 Walton Avenue
So Ridgewood Rd231 Thornden Street
1 Lenox Terrace120 Wyoming Avenue South
386 Lenox Ave431 Lenox Place
406 Thornden Street366 Thornden Street
250 Thornden Street301 Walton Avenue
406 Lenox Place417 Ridgewood Road South
270 Lenox Avenue238 Lenox Ave
452 Ridgewood Rd South242 Audley Street
2-A Kendall Ave2 Kendall Avenue
609 W So Orange Ave609 So Orange Ave West 6v
8 Speir Dr6 Foster Court
10 Overhill Road9 Foster Court
30 Crest Dr47 Stonehill Road
616 So Orange Avenue West7 Harding Drive South
34 Harding Drive South458 Lenox Ave
121 Hemlock Terrace111 Hemlock Terr
77 Wyoming Avenue South402 West End Road
403 West End Road403 West End Road
10 Harding Drive58 Harding Drive
Twp Of So Orange VillageTwp Of So Orange Village
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