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Property records in Montclair Township (Essex)
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Undercliff Road70 Undercliff Road
88 Undercliff Road114 Undercliff Road
10 Mountain Avenue155 Eagle Rock Way
164 Eagle Rock Way244 So. Mountain Avenue
Eagle Rock Reservation126 Lloyd Road
27 Undercliff Road211 Gates Avenue
So. Mountain Avenue212 Union Street
165 Lloyd RoadUnion Street
40 Afterglow Way30 Parkhurst Place
Lloyd Road Rear72 Lloyd Road
99 Lloyd Road20 Hoburg Place
57 Lloyd Road31 Lloyd Road
Bloomfield Avenue850 Bloomfield Avenue
828 Bloomfield Avenue836-838 Bloomfield Avenue
Bloomfield AvenueBloomfield Avenue
3 Prospect Avenue12 Up. Mountain Avenue
24 Up. Mountain Avenue88 Up. Mountain Avenue
2 Prospect Avenue36 Prospect Avenue
405 Claremont Avenue34 Highland Avenue
100 Highland AvenueHighland Avenue Rear
89 Highland Avenue1 Edgewood Terrace
93 Prospect Avenue122 Up. Mountain Avenue
136 Up. Mountain Avenue173-177 Highland Avenue
204 Highland Avenue244 Highland Avenue
Watchung Avenue250 Up. Mountain Avenue
250 No. Mountain Avenue268 No. Mountain Avenue
Bradford Avenue Rear349 Crestmont Road
40 Bradford Avenue320 Highland Avenue
25 Bradford Avenue356 Highland Avenue
37 Warfield Street35 Warfield Street
315 Highland Avenue350 Up. Mountain Avenue
6 Seneca Place341 Highland Avenue
24 Warfield Street424 Up. Mountain Avenue
411 Highland Avenue8 Windsor Place
375 Up. Mountain Avenue343 Up. Mountain Avenue
55 Warfield StreetHighland Avenue
23 Windsor Place5 Windsor Place
732 Valley Road5 Emerson Place
36 Mountainside Park Ter8 Mountainside Park Ter
Lenape Trail568 Highland Avenue
83 Normal Avenue594 Up. Mountain Avenue
509 Highland Avenue550 Up. Mountain Avenue
111 Mt. Hebron Road557 Up. Mountain Avenue
Normal Avenue597 Up. Mountain Avenue
101 Mt. Hebron Road20 College Avenue
8 Amherst Place5 Hamilton Terrace
14 Hamilton Terrace32 Normal Avenue
Normal AvenueNormal Avenue
19 College Avenue856 Valley Road
Mt. Hebron Road14 Brainard Street
College AvenueCollege Avenue
123 Stonebridge Road101 Stonebridge Road
215 So. Mountain Avenue124 Stonebridge Road
56 Wayside Place52 Wayside Place
92 Eagle Rock Way68 Eagle Rock Way
167 So. Mountain Avenue110 Clinton Avenue
141 So. Mountain Avenue80 Clinton Avenue
49 Clinton Avenue10 Harrison Avenue
90 Porter Place30 Porter Place
85 Clinton Avenue69 Melrose Place
101 Clinton Avenue83 Warren Place
100 Warren Place100 Llewellyn Road
31 Eagle Rock Way102 Harrison Avenue
60 Melrose Place59 Warren Place
3 Eagle Rock Way53 Melrose Place
87 So. Mountain Avenue20 Clinton Avenue
65 So. Mountain Avenue64 Orange Road
1 Clinton Avenue51 Plymouth Street
80 Plymouth Street58 Plymouth Street
21 Up. Mountain Avenue20 No. Mountain Avenue
31 No. Mountain Avenue94 Valley Road
1 Mountainview Place64 Valley Road
690 Bloomfield Avenue662 Bloomfield Avenue
702-720 Bloomfield Avenue18 Orange Road
3 So. Mountain Avenue30 St. Lukes Place
54 No. Mountain Avenue21 Van Vleck Street
77 Up. Mountain Avenue73 Up. Mountain Avenue
131 Up. Mountain Avenue122 No. Mountain Avenue
143 No. Mountain Avenue200 Valley Road
8 Club Street111 No. Mountain Avenue
109 No. Mountain Avenue172 Valley Road
75 No. Mountain Avenue124-130 Valley Road
111 Valley Road215 Walnut Street
143 Valley Road4 Dey Street
19 William Street26 Central Avenue
161 Valley Road43 James Street
173 Valley Road141 Chestnut Street
185 Valley Road3 Belvidere Place
16 Bellaire Drive72 Central Avenue
Central Avenue7 Bellaire Drive
149 Up. Mountain Avenue147 Up. Mountain Avenue
1 Watchung Avenue202 No. Mountain Avenue
237 No. Mountain Avenue44 Edgemont Road
22 Berkeley Place234 Valley Road
1 Wendover Road29 Brunswick Road
148 Central Avenue2 Wendover Road
258 Valley Road7 Edgemont Road
65 Edgemont Road47 Watchung Avenue
241 No. Mountain Avenue68 Brookfield Road
Edgemont RoadEdgemont Road
30 Watchung Avenue85 Edgemont Road
62 Watchung Avenue420 Valley Road
91 Edgemont Road8 Godfrey Road
71 Brookfield Road59 Brookfield Road
287 No. Mountain Avenue28 Parkside Street
3 Princeton Place16 Parkside Street
105 Edgemont Road127 Edgemont Road
19 Carteret Street9 Godfrey Road
Valley Road4-12 Alvin Place
Northview Avenue565-571 Valley Road
391 Up. Mountain Avenue664 Valley Road
2 Laurel Place Plaza4 Laurel Place Plaza
65 Glenwood Road35 Glenwood Road
39 Marion Road15 Marion Road
44 Norman Road18 Norman Road
221 Fernwood Avenue191 Fernwood Avenue
229 Inwood Avenue207 Inwood Avenue
75 Oakwood Avenue51 Oakwood Avenue
631a Valley Road209 Lorraine Avenue
Lorraine Avenue644 Valley Road
17 Virginia Avenue208 Harrison Avenue
24 Wilfred Street6 Wilfred Street
12 Warman Street16 Warman Street
46 Howe Avenue10 Howe Avenue
45 Stonebridge Road168 Harrison Avenue
165 Harrison Avenue63 Cedar Avenue
173 Harrison Avenue15 Tichenor Place
185 Harrison Avenue11 Charles Street
195 Harrison Avenue15 Southern Terrace
57 Nishuane Road49 Nishuane Road
221 Harrison Avenue23 Franklin Avenue
2 Harrison Avenue5 Franklin Avenue
6 Franklin Avenue28 Fremont Street
16 Amelia Street18 Samuel Street
15 Amelia Street138 High Street
Virginia Avenue21 Virginia Avenue
Notting Hill Way10 So. Brookwood Drive
134 Harrison Avenue4 No. Brookwood Drive
22 High Street113 Harrison Avenue
5 High Street11 Carey Court
Orange RoadOrange Road
8 Curtis Terrace93 Harrison Avenue
40 Melrose Place14 Melrose Place
55 Harrison Avenue104 Gates Avenue
33 Harrison Avenue18 Cross Street
28 Porter Place15-17 Cross Street
Harrison AvenueHarrison Avenue
118 Union Street129 Orange Road
5 Russell Terrace1 Russell Terrace
86 Hawthorne Place96 So. Fullerton Avenue
99 So. Fullerton Avenue117 So. Fullerton Avenue
73 So. Fullerton Avenue17 Prospect Terrace
48 Plymouth Street12 Wilde Place
22 Plymouth Street87 Union Street
33 Plymouth Street15 Plymouth Street
77 Orange Road7-11 Trinity Place
68 Church Street16 Trinity Place
50 Church Street4-10 Church Street
518-520 Bloomfield Avenue39-51 Church Street
630 Bloomfield Avenue570-72 Bloomfield Avenue
61 Valley Road12-14 Midland Avenue
23 Midland Avenue13 Midland Avenue
30 Park Street555 Bloomfield Avenue
35 Park Street491 Bloomfield Avenue
39 Midland Avenue40 Park Street
79 Valley Road52 Montague Place
298 Claremont Avenue272 Claremont Avenue
199 Walnut Street78 Midland Avenue
39 James Street122 Midland Avenue
133 Chestnut Street130 Midland Avenue C000b
135 Midland Avenue108 Park Street
125 Midland Avenue100 Park Street
87 Midland Avenue231 Claremont Avenue
240 Claremont Avenue21 Montague Place
45 Park Street43 Park Street
Munn Street200 Claremont Avenue
77 Park Street80 No. Fullerton Avenue
121 Park Street122 No. Fullerton Avenue
24 Brunswick Road180 Midland Avenue
2 Erwin Park111 Central Avenue
141 Central Avenue137 Central Avenue
293 Valley Road24 Erwin Park Road
49 Erwin Park Road236 Midland Avenue
7 Erwin Park7 Brunswick Road
261 Midland Avenue214 Park Street
Park Street211 Park Street
305 Valley Road268 Midland Avenue
79 Watchung Avenue24 Vera Place
180 Gordonhurst Avenue280 Park Street
182 Wildwood Avenue326 Park Street
329 Park Street396 No. Fullerton Avenue
150 Gordonhurst Avenue354 No. Fullerton Avenue
Watchung Avenue271 Midland Avenue
630 Valley RoadBellevue Avenue
629b Valley Road605-607 Valley Road
Bellevue Avenue160 Lorraine Avenue
581 Valley Road46 Northview Avenue
198 Bellevue Avenue183 Cooper Avenue
33 Northview Avenue179 Summit Avenue
190 Summit Avenue169 Wildwood Avenue
34 Wellesley Road16 Wellesley Road
771 Valley Road182 Alexander Avenue
168 Alexander Avenue534 Park Street
125 Norwood Avenue522 Park Street
22 Elston Road510 Park Street
91 Norwood Avenue496 Park Street
Norwood AvenueNorwood Avenue
71 Norwood Avenue466 Park Street
473 Park Street127 Inwood Avenue
533 Park Street35 Fairview Place
789 Valley Road28 Macopin Avenue
2 Nassau Road22 Nassau Road
Nassau RoadNassau Road
1 Nassau Road23 Nassau Road
577 Park Street123 Alexander Avenue
71 Mt. Hebron RoadGrove Street
8 High Street3 Watchung Avenue
139a High Street137a High Street
Hilltop Place5 Hilltop Place
3 Pleasant Avenue27 Pleasant Avenue
Orange Rd -By-Pass310 Orange Road
52-54 Gates Avenue76 Elm Street
170-172 Lincoln Street12 Irving Street
87 Elm Street44 Irving Street
71 Elm Street40 Elmwood Avenue
45 Irving Street112 Maple Avenue
154 Lincoln Street132 Lincoln Street
140-144 Bloomfield Avenue9 Washington Street
170 Bloomfield Avenue33 Washington Street
260-264 Bloomfield Avenue15 Union Street
294 Bloomfield Avenue33 Union Street
370-372 Bloomfield Avenue14 Seymour Street
460 Bloomfield Avenue416 Bloomfield Avenue
36 So. Willow Street53 Union Street
28 Union Street43 Gates Avenue
2 Union Street1 Hawthorne Place
4 Washington Street25 Fulton Street
130-136 Bloomfield Avenue29-31 Mission Street
26 Fulton Street22 Miller Street
469 Bloomfield Avenue39-41 No.fullerton Avenue
65 No. Fullerton Avenue83 No. Fullerton Avenue
167 Claremont Avenue71-73 Forest Street
195 Glenridge Avenue33 Forest Street
441 Bloomfield Avenue409 Bloomfield Avenue
363-367 Bloomfield Avenue22 Lackawanna Plaza
Lackawanna PlazaLackawanna Plaza
161-167 Glenridge Avenue35 No. Willow Street
151 Claremont Avenue73a No. Willow Street
100 Grove Street71-77 Walnut Street
129 Claremont Avenue10 Willard Place
33-39 Greenwood Avenue55 Greenwood Avenue
1 Greenwood Avenue1 Lackawanna Plaza
97 No. Fullerton Avenue100 Forest Street
130 Forest Street148 Forest Street
No. Fullerton Avenue235 No. Fullerton Avenue
121 Forest Street15 Sylvan Place
91 Forest Street14 Frink Street
102 Walnut Street14-16 Depot Square
119 Forest StreetWalnut Street
Chestnut Street70 Montclair Avenue
51 Montclair Avenue90 Christopher Street
3 Montclair Avenue25 Montclair Avenue
Watchung PlazaWatchung Plaza
17 Watchung Plaza117 Watchung Avenue
No. Fullerton Avenue274 No. Fullerton Avenue
21 Champlain Terrace3 Champlain Terrace
19 Mendl Terrace98 Essex Avenue
19 Yale Terrace110 Essex Avenue
No. Fullerton Avenue23 Frederick Street
307 No. Fullerton Avenue20 Fairfield Street
319 No. Fullerton Avenue153 Watchung Avenue
132 Watchung Avenue353 No. Fullerton Avenue
152 Watchung Avenue120 Beverley Road
113 Essex Avenue6 Fairfield Street
79 Essex Avenue99 Essex Avenue
33 Waterbury Road96 Gordonhurst Avenue
379 No. Fullerton Avenue38 Aubrey Road
397 No. Fullerton Avenue36 Carolin Road
132 Wildwood Avenue116 Wildwood Avenue
349 Park Street128 Summit Avenue
369 Park Street120 Cooper Avenue
387 Park Street118 Bellevue Avenue
53 Norwood Avenue53 Norwood Avenue
184 Inwood Avenue19 Norwood Avenue
170 Inwood Avenue15 Duryea Road
445 Park Street113 Clarewill Avenue
433 Park Street129 Haddon Place
147 Lorraine Avenue103 Lorraine Avenue
401 Park Street125 Bellevue Avenue
76 Club Road521 Grove Street
128 Buckingham Road108 Buckingham Road
134 Westview Road116 Westview Road
40 Fairview Place12 Fairview Place
66 Overlook Road50 Overlook Road
543 Park Street130 Alexander Avenue
7 Kenneth Road44 Windermere Road
2 Kenneth Road11 Windermere Road
1 Elizabeth Road24 Marquette Road
1 Riverview Drive West
101 Pleasant Avenue10 Ward Place
408 Orange Road448 Orange Road
451-455 Orange Road6 Brooklawn Road
4 Rosedale Avenue320 Linden Avenue
Orange Road44 Pleasant Way
365 Orange Road6 Hollywood Avenue
17 Hollywood Avenue5 Linden Avenue
321 Orange Road301 Orange Road
343 Orange Road17 Grenada Place
331 Orange Road442 Washington Avenue
66 Madison Avenue9 Gardiner Place
50 Madison Avenue5 Jefferson Place
14 Gardiner Place20 Gardiner Place
32 Madison Avenue76 Willowdale Avenue
423 Washington Avenue107 Willowdale Avenue
155 Willowdale Avenue139 Willowdale Avenue
25 Alden Road354 Washington Street
78 Lincoln Street22 Franklin Place
23 Monroe Place17-19 Monroe Place
105 Lincoln Street24 Marston Place
13 Marston Place74 Woodland Avenue
Willowdale Avenue14 Pierson Place
18 Monroe Place23 Wheeler Street
129 Maple Avenue103 Maple Avenue
90 Mission Street68 Mission Street
75 Woodland AvenueBloomfield Avenue Rear
20 Glenridge Avenue60 Glenridge Avenue
115 Bloomfield Avenue80 Glenridge Avenue
16 Grove Terrace10 Cloverhill Place
15 Grove Terrace87 Grove Street
81 Claremont Avenue111 Grove Street
39 Claremont Avenue19 Claremont Avenue
Bay Street25 Sherman Street
1 Cloverhill Place17 Cloverhill Place
87 Pine Street38 Sherman Street
63 Glenridge Avenue28 Grant Street
22 Baldwin Street39 Glenridge Avenue
15 Glenridge Avenue15 Glenridge Ave C0m35
12 Walnut Crescent6 George Street
310 Bay Street310 Bay Street
311 Bay Avenue311 Bay Avenue
116 Grove StreetGrove Street
43 Christopher Street59 Christopher Street
71 Christopher Street89 Christopher Street
8 Mitchell Place45 Tremont Place
68 Tuxedo Road39 Ardsley Road
72 Cambridge Road47 Tuxedo Road
135 Grove Street59 Cambridge Road
115 Grove Street42 Walnut Street
15 Roswell Terrace18 Inness Place
Walnut Crescent62 Oxford Street
38 Oxford Street44 Oxford Street
42 Cambridge Road38 Cambridge Road
42 Tuxedo Road36 Tuxedo Road
77 Essex Avenue57 Essex Avenue
125 Montclair Avenue105 Montclair Avenue
159 Christopher Street127 Christopher Street
35 Dodd Street19 Dodd Street
25 Euclid Place7 Euclid Place
35 Stanford Place17 Stanford Place
33 Glenridge Parkway15 Glenridge Parkway
5 Ferncliff Terrace36 Stanford Place
55 Dodd StreetFerncliff Terrace
221 Montclair Avenue236 Christopher Street
78 Beverley Road190 Watchung Avenue
68 Beverley Road10 Morningside Avenue
21 Morningside Avenue8 Fairmount Avenue
40 Gordonhurst Avenue56 Gordonhurst Avenue
231 Watchung Avenue213 Watchung Avenue
33 Prescott Avenue17 Prescott Avenue
Clairidge CourtClairidge Court
29 Clairidge Court11 Clairidge Court
51 Harvard Street27 Harvard Street
51 Gray Street25 Gray Street
35 Stephen Street19 Stephen Street
326 Grove Street306 Grove Street
2 Christopher Court10 Christopher Court
173 Watchung Avenue196 Christopher Street
39 Gordonhurst Avenue7 Argyle Road
39 The Fairway23 The Fairway
39 Greenview Way40 Club Road
3 Bellevue Avenue20 Woodmont Road
66 Yantacaw Brook Road70 Heller Way
76 Yantacaw Brook Road70 Yantacaw Brook Road
1 Alexander Avenue19 Carlton Drive
8 Rutgers Place6 Lee Place
33 Tuers Place5 Stephen Court
82 Yantacaw Brook Road102 Yantacaw Brook Road
2 Alexander Avenue5 Capron Lane
Stonehenge RoadStonehenge Road
Montclair Pt-10Montclair Pt-10
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