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Property records in Stratford Borough (Camden)
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Address From
Address To
1102 N Wh Pk3 Curtis Ct
16 Curtis Ave21 Washington Av
1 Colby Ave35 Cooper Ave
1010 N White Hse Pk1014 N White Horse Pike
904-910 N White Horse Pk912 N White Hse Pk
2 Cooper Ave21 Webster Ave
102 Cooper Ave123 Webster Ave
100 Webster Ave117 Whitman Ave
2 Webster Ave15 Whitman Ave
814 N White Horse Pike804 N White Horse Pike
714 N White Horse Pike702 N White Horse Pike
2 Whitman Ave15 Wright Ave
100 Whitman Ave106 Whitman Ave
226 Columbia Ave110 Wright Ave
14 Wright Avenue5 Columbia Ave
606 N White Hse Pk624 N White Hse Pk
20 Columbia Ave512 N White Horse Pike
105 Cornell Ave101 Cornell Ave
329 Columbia AveWykagl Road & Whitman Ave
302 Columbia Ave503 N Atlantic Ave E
111 Warwick RdW Vassar Ave
2 W Vassar Ave22 Vassar Ave
132 Cornell Av100 Cornell Ave
234 Cornell Ave202 Cornell Ave
326 Cornell Ave21 Vassar Ave
6 Vassar Ave17 Yale Ave
102 Vassar Ave115 Yale Ave
Vassar AveVassar Ave
201 Harvard Ave211 Harvard Ave
113 Harvard Ave
215 E Atlantic Av19 Harvard Ave
105 N Atlantic Ave E17 Princeton Ave
20 Princeton Ave1 N Atlantic Ave E
20 Union Ave7 S Atlantic Ave E
22 Jefferson Ave7 Oxford Ave
25 E Laurel Rd9 E Laurel Rd
120 Harvard Ave104 Harvard Ave
120 Princeton Av100 Princeton Ave
122 Union Ave101 Jefferson Ave
116 Jefferson Ave105 E Laurel Rd
220 Union Ave11 S Central Ave
222 Princeton Ave201 Union Ave
222 Harvard Ave220 Harvard Ave
2 Cornell Ave16 Cornell Ave
412,414 N W Hse Pk404 N White Hse Pk
312 N White Hse Pk305 Yale Ave
212 N White Horse Pike301 Harvard Ave
112 N White Hse Pk306 Harvard Ave
14 N White Horse PkUnion Ave
312 Union Ave312 Union Ave
17 N White Horse Pike1 N White Horse Pike
1 S White Horse Pk44 Berlin Road
102 Berlin Rd104 Hunt Ave
1 Sidney Lane17 Sidney Lane
Bryant Ave104 Bishop Terrace
124 Stratford Av101 Wellington Ave
116 Wellington Ave137 Suburban Ter
152 Suburban Ter135 Laureba Ave
154 Laureba Ave138 Laureba Ave
20 Bishop Terrace303 S Wh Hse Pk
205 S White Horse Pike40 Hunt Ave
42 Arlington Ave105 S Wh Hse Pk
40 E Laurel Rd506 S Wh Hse Pk
2 S Wh Hse PkRt.30 & Laurel Rd
14 E Laurel Rd319 Chestnut St
401 Chestnut St401 Chestnut St
401 S Atlantic, East406 Chestnut St
2 Hazel Ave15 Almond Ave
4 Filbert Ave7 Hazel Ave
301 S Atlantic Ave E305 S Atlantic Ave E
24 W Laurel Rd300 W Atlantic Ave
West Laurel RdWest Laurel Rd
3 W Laurel Rd6 Pennsylvania Ave
13 Pennsylvania Ave2 Eton Court
6 W Harvard Ave26 Swarthmore Ave
1 W Harvard Ave17 W Harvard Ave
25 Swarthmore Av37 Swarthmore Av
25 Warwick Rd9 Elinor Ave
38 Warwick Rd22 Warwick Rd
54 Warwick Road25 Drexel Ave
24 Drexel Ave11 Bucknell Ave
18 Drexel Ave2 Drexel Ave
10 Duke Ave11 Temple Ave
51 Temple Ave11 Bryn Mawr Ave
46 Temple Ave30 Temple Ave
93 Winding Way77 Winding Way
602 W Laurel Rd86 Saratoga Rd
63 Saratoga Rd39 Saratoga Rd
19 Oak Drive3 Oak Court
9 Liberty Drive6 Academy Dr
99 Saratoga Rd3 Saratoga Rd
102 Hillside Rd118 Hillside Rd
101 Hillside Rd106 Longwood Dr
66 Longwood Dr16 Timber Creek Rd
62 Longwood Dr16 Green Tree Rd
21 Green Tree Rd5 Green Tree Rd
68 Winding Way117 Meadow Lark Rd
125 Evergreen Rd105 Evergreen Rd
25 Winding Way9 Winding Way Rd
31 Evergreen Rd15 Evergreen Rd
5 Green Valley Rd11 Meadow Lark Rd
40 Longwood Dr24 Longwood Dr
48 Buttonwood Rd32 Buttonwood Rd
18 Buttonwood Rd2 Buttonwood Rd
1 Knoll Rd13 Knoll Rd
1 Rolling Rd17 Rolling Rd
29 Overhill Rd45 Overhill Rd
52 Overhill Rd117 Parkview Rd
102 Parkview Rd15 Hillcrest Rd
42 Overhill Rd15 Summit Rd
36 Overhill Rd150 Parkview Rd
12 Overhill Rd17 Sleepy Hollow Rd
125 Parkview Rd141 Parkview Rd
229 Winding Way Rd209 Winding Way Rd
233 Winding Way Rd38 Hillside Rd
45 Hillside Rd25 Hillside Rd
Parkview RoadWinding Way Rd
Parkview Rd1 Sunnybrook Ct
46 Sunnybrook Rd26 Sunnybrook Rd
15 Longwood Dr19 Homestead Rd
West Atlantic AveEast Atlantic Ave
Route 30 HighwayStratford Borough
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