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Property records in Mount Ephraim Borough (Camden)
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Address From
Address To
421 Lake St401 Lake St
Lake Front StLake Front St
718 Idora Ave339 Lake St
438 Lake St426 Lake St
Lewis Court Apts621 Idora Ave
338 Lake St415 Reading Ave
642 Charles St311 Reading Ave
Lake StLake St
601 Delaware Ave711 Delaware Ave
801 Delaware AveLake Front St
201 Second Ave811 Pennsylvania Ave
The LakeLake
135 Second Ave101 Second Ave
39 Second Ave801 N Black Horse Pk
214 Second Ave201 Third Ave
138 Second Ave133 Third Ave
38 Second Ave25 Third Ave
226 Third Ave225 Fourth Ave
140 Third Ave137 Fourth Ave
618 New Jersey Ave33 Fourth Ave
242 Fourth Ave210 Fourth Ave
138 Fourth Ave129 Fifth Ave
40 Fourth Ave31 Fifth Ave
224 Fifth Ave205 Sixth Ave
136 Fifth Ave117 Sixth Ave
38 Fifth Ave27 Sixth Ave
210 Sixth Ave305 Pennsylvania Ave
138 Sixth Ave102 Sixth Ave
34 Sixth AveN J & Centre Aves
215 Pennsylvania Ave215 Pennsylvania Ave
125 Eighth Ave109 Eighth Ave
244 Centre AveCentre Ave
W Buckingham Ave57 W Kings Hwy
23 Lumber Lane113 Centre Ave
52 Lumber LaneCentre Avenue
111 N Black Horse Pk219 N Black Horse Pk
40 W Buckingham Ave15 N Black Horse Pk
500 N Black Horse Pk45 Valley Rd
8 Valley RdHaddon Rd
310 N Black Horse Pk310 N Black Horse Pk
N Black Horse Pk300 N Black Horse Pk
Wayne TerraceWayne Terrace
170 N Black Horse Pk160 N Black Horse Pk
55 George StCounty Park
37 George St41 George St
11 E Buckingham Ave33 E Buckingham Ave
104 Hill StCounty Park
10 E Buckingham Ave46 E Buckingham Ave
24 Hill St118 E Buckingham Ave
2 S Black Horse Pk66 E Kings Hwy
30 W Kings Hwy33 Mt Ephraim Ave
126 W Kings Hwy106 W Kings Hwy
134-136 W Kings Hwy22 Davis Ave
200 W Kings Hwy27 Davis Ave
120 Mt Ephraim Ave105 Gloucester Ave
42 Mt Ephraim Ave32 James St
40 Gloucester Ave121 Bell Rd
112 Gloucester Ave115 James St
121 James StRailroad
40 Warrington Ave141 Bell Rd
S Black Horse Pk & Bell125 S Black Horse Pk
232 Northmont Ave703 Cedar Ave
843 Station Ave209 Northmont Ave
724 Cedar Ave202 Northmont Ave
222 Hartka Ave609 Lambert Ave
202 Myrtle Ave202 Myrtle Ave
626 Lambert Ave415 Gaskill Ave
122 Northmont Ave701 Gaskill Ave
840 Lambert Ave41 Northmont Ave
734 Gaskill Ave733 Green Ave
835 Market St801 Market St
734 Green Ave628 Green Ave
622 Gaskill Ave515 W Kings Hwy
516 Gaskill Ave301 W Kings Hwy
1218 Market St37 Sartori Ave
86 Sartori Ave25 Remington Ave
62 Remington Ave20 Remington Ave
34 Linden Ave15 Adams Ave
1110 W Kings Hwy8 Adams Ave
1002 W Kings Hwy11 Jefferson Ave
904 W Kings Hwy44 Jefferson Ave
814 W Kings Hwy3 Harding Ave
804 W Kings Hwy35 Baird Ave
7 Grant Ave53 Grant Ave
514 W Kings Hwy12 Grant Ave
414 W Kings Hwy32 S Oak Ave
316 W Kings Hwy48 Lincoln Ave
214 W Kings Hwy49 Davis Ave
102 Lincoln Ave315 Garfield Ave
101 Lincoln Ave120 S Oak Ave
102 Grant Ave503 Winthrop Ave
101 Grant Ave132 Baird Ave
102 Harding Ave139 Baird Ave
102 Roosevelt Ave120 Roosevelt Ave
902 Linwood Ave118 Jefferson Ave
102 Cleveland Ave106 Cleveland Ave
1110 Linwood Ave121 Cleveland Ave
1200 Linwood AveAdams Ave
Linwood & Locust AveLinwood & Locust Ave
Emerson AveEmerson Ave
Emerson & Garfield Aves205 Lowell Ave
211 Baird Ave205 Baird Ave
218 Baird Ave235 Grant Ave
516 Winthrop Ave411 Garfield Ave
134 Davis Ave336 Davis Ave
341 Davis Ave317 Davis Ave
343 Lincoln Ave300 Liberty Ave
330 Grant Ave333 Liberty Ave
315 Grant Ave326 Baird Ave
329 Baird Ave325 Baird Ave
326 Emerson Ave803 Bell Rd
42 White Ave262 James St
200 Bell Rd255 James St
167 Glover Ave125 Glover Ave
706 Bell Rd147 Rudderow Ave
136 Glover Ave133 Rudderow Ave
172 Rudderow AveInside
Easy StRudderow Ct
20 Glover Ave37 Thompson Ave
403-415 S Black Horse Pk34 Thompson Ave
1154 W Kings HwyLinden Ave West Side
1242 W Kings HwyW Kings Hwy
602 N Black Horse PkLake
959 W Kings Hwy817 W Kings Hwy
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