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Property records in Southampton Township (Burlington)
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Address To
19 Lenape Trail17 Rancocas Trail
2410 Route 206825 Mandas Trail
830 Mandas Trail816 Mandas Trail
830 Sanikan Trail32 Lenape Trail
44 Lenape Trail44 Lenape Trail
25 Sikoneses Trail25 Sikoneses Trail
2 Sikoneses Trail803 Mandas Trail
810 Mandas Trail21 Indian Trail
805 Crystal Avenue83f West Mae Avenue
806 Crystal Avenue805 Oak Knoll Avenue
802 Oak Knoll Avenue808 Oak Knoll Avenue
107 Laurel Lane211 Indian Trail/railrd
31 Indian Trail59 Laurel Lane
1869 Route 382371 Route 206
61 Route 53055 Route 530
100 Indian Trail742 Lenz Avenue
744 Cherry StreetCarson Road
740 Maple Avenue733 Green Street
736 Green Street736 Green Street
203 Cedar Street203 Cedar Street
733 Green Street733 Green Street
734 Cherry Street119 Cherry Street
735 Cherry Street118 Cherry Street
203 Route 530730 Maple Avenue
204 Cedar Street725 Lenz Avenue
221 Rte 530/702 Lenz Ave732 Lenz Avenue
166 Newbolds Corner Road519 Smithville Road
136 Newbolds Corner Road624 Smithville Road
148 Newbolds Corner Road26 Meadow Drive
460 North Main Street520 North Main Street
2310 Route 2062260 Route 206
301 Pemberton Road425 Pemberton Road
401 Burrs Mill Road526 Ridge Road
501 Meadowyck Lane517 Meadowyck Lane
524 Adams Lane504 Paige Drive
520 Adams Lane508 Adams Lane
502 Meadowyck Lane518 Meadowyck Lane
520 Meadowyck Lane536 Eayrestown Road
107 Landing Street109 Landing Street
128 Landing Street146 Landing Street
75 Mill Street493 Red Lion Road
45 Mill Street482 Red Lion Road
39 Mill StreetMain Street Rear
38 Main Street18 Mill Street
37 Main Street25 Church Street
41 Main Street67 Main Street
3 Plum St/20 Church St27 Plum Street
36 Church Street41 Pleasant Street
75 Main Street38 Plum Street
115 Main Street129 Main Street
480 Red Lion Road462 Red Lion Road
1 Race Street120 Main Street
57 Pemberton Road219 Pemberton Road
428 North Main Street2089 Route 206
58 Pemberton Road124 Pemberton Road
226 Pemberton Road533 Ridge Road
414 Brace Road210 Emmons Rd
300 New Freedom Road317 Chairville Road
401 Chairville Road451 Chairville Road
288 New Freedom Road401 Eayrestown Road
1 Hunters Lane109 Foxchase Court
16 Hunters Lane11 Bridle Path
8 Hunters Lane3 Bridle Path
6 Hunters Lane203 Foxchase Drive
1600 Church Road1668 Church Road
1677 Church Road475 Red Lion Road
450 Red Lion Road18 Hilliards Bridge Road
2 Buddtown Road2075 Route 206
100 Buddtown Road101 Retreat Road
302 Isaac Budd Road327 Retreat Road
2 Shenandoah Lane6 Shenandoah Lane
10 Shenandoah Lane20 Shenandoah Lane
22 Shenandoah Lane26 Willoughby Lane
9 Shenandoah Lane10 Willoughby Lane
21 Shenandoah Lane20 Willoughby Lane
5 Willoughby LaneWilloughby Lane Rear
380 Ridge Road340 Ridge Road
308 Ridge Road217 Retreat Road
424 Ridge Road441 Isaac Budd Road
445 Retreat Road314 Bed Bug Hill Road
408 Burrs Mill Road551 Ongs Hat Road
500 Ongs Hat RoadOngs Hat Road Rear
394 Eayrestown Road352 Eayrestown Road
256 Eayrestown Road2 Saddlebury Court
2063 Route 2064 Old Mansion Road
19 Hilliards Bridge Road18 Garden Street
2 Retreat Road243 Ridge Road
1930 Route 2061910 Route 206
Chairville Road301 New Freedom Road
298 Chairville Road1695 Route 70
1699 Route 701699 Route 70
3 North Pricketts Mill Rd45 Pricketts Mill Road
Route 7046 Pricketts Mill Road
12b Purgatory Road1719 Route 70
63 Old Red Lion Road47 Old Red Lion Road
44 Old Red Lion Road1776 Route 70
14 Purgatory Road1787 Route 70
132 Eayrestown Road114 Eayrestown Road
1793 Route 206118 Red Lion Road
1841 Route 701839 Route 70
449 New Road16 Ridge Road
1879 Route 70335 New Road
461 New Road9 Ridgeway Lane
79 Holly BlvdWestminster Drive
462 New Road6 Robbins Way
1 Falcon Drive17 Falcon Drive
6 Falcon Drive8 Falcon Drive
14 Falcon Drive22 Falcon Drive
23 Falcon Drive37 Falcon Drive
39 Falcon Drive47 Falcon Drive
464 New Road126 Ridge Road
1 West Shore Drive17 West Shore Drive
26 West Shore Drive75 Holly Blvd
45 Holly Blvd61 Holly Blvd
66 Holly Blvd74 Holly Blvd
46 Holly Blvd51 Stagecoach Road
64 Stagecoach Road70 Stagecoach Road
40 Stagecoach Road56 Stagecoach Road
3 Holly Blvd17 Holly Blvd
30 Holly Blvd1 Gloria Lane
22 Stagecoach Road38 Stagecoach Road
12 Holly Blvd13 Stagecoach Road
2 Stagecoach Road18 Stagecoach Road
2 Holly Blvd5 Lee Lane
Friendship Creek IslandFriendship Lk Buffer Area
11 Big Hill Road2111 North Firelane Road
Route 70Huntington Drive
40 Huntington DriveMalvern Street
2 Kingston Way18 Kingston Way
2 Picardy Place7 Cambridge Court
9 Picardy Place13 Kingston Way
83 Huntington Drive4 Dorchester Drive
23 Dorchester Drive47 Dorchester Drive
17 Dorchester Drive7 Dorchester Drive
5 Dorchester Drive53 Huntington Drive
100 South Plymouth Court111 South Plymouth Court
2 Chesterfield Court188 Dorchester Drive
135 Huntington Drive119 Huntington Drive
100 Kingston Way5 Sterling Place
86 Kingston Way8 Sterling Place
1 Narberth Place33 Narberth Place
1 Scarborough Way55 Maidstone Place
176 Huntington Drive1 Buckingham Drive
1 St Davids Place34 Scarborough Way
1 Heather Place17 Heather Place
2 Heather Place38 Heather Place
14 Sherwood Place204 Huntington Drive
1 Dartmoor Place11 Warwick Way
212 Huntington Drive228 Huntington Drive
70 Chatham Place29 Chelsea Place
185 Huntington Drive201 Huntington Drive
1 Chelsea Place65 Chatham Place
2 Chatham Place97 Dorchester Drive
2 Marlborough Drive17 Devonshire Way
2 Devonshire Way15 Yorkshire Way
2 Yorkshire Way54 Marlborough Drive
3 Andover Court72 Dorchester Drive
1 Pulham Lane17 Pulham Lane
247 Huntington Drive9 Westminster Dr South
240 Huntington Drive999 Westminster Dr North
37 Windsor Road1 Windsor Road
40 Windsor Road14 Ingham Way
44 Westminster Dr South28 Westminster Dr South
6 Finchley Court47 Westminster Dr South
34 Windsor Road8 Mayfair Road
50 Stratford Road6 Norwich Lane
8 Cotherstone Drive26 Cotherstone Drive
48 Dunstable Road60 Dunstable Road
37 Cotherstone Drive19 Cotherstone Drive
1 Burtons Drive60 Finchley Court
1 New Castle Drive19 New Castle Drive
16 New Castle Drive38 Gramercy Place
61 Gramercy Place17 Stamford Place
1 Banbury Lane25 Banbury Lane
145 Buckingham Drive127 Buckingham Drive
59 Stratford Road43 Stratford Road
4 Buxton Court20 Buxton Court
9 Stratford RoadStratford Road
2 Newbury Drive18 Newbury Drive
2 Wooton Drive18 Wooton Drive
1 Wooton Drive17 Wooton Drive
Newbury Drive44 Liverpool Lane
84 Warwick Way90 Warwick Way
3 Thames Court2 Thames Court
34 Warwick Way36 Warwick Way
817 Westminster Dr North44 Warwick Way
6 Berkshire Lane22 Berkshire Lane
169 Big Hill Road165 Big Hill Road
151 Big Hill RoadWarwick Way
190 Big Hill Road164 Big Hill Road
419 Hawkin Road295 Pricketts Mill Road
359 Hawkin RoadPricketts Mill Road
311 Hawkin Road301 Hawkin Road
1 Constitution Drive19 Constitution Drive
2 Constitution Drive18 Constitution Drive
7 Hamilton Court8 Hamilton Court
4 Hamilton Court3 Monroe Court
53 Constitution Drive9 Foxhill Drive
49 Foxhill Drive21 Foxhill Drive
20 Foxhill Drive18 Foxhill Drive
29 Constitution Drive7 Angel'S Court
8 Independence Way2 Independence Way
4 Summit DriveHawkin Road
Route 70/old Red Lion Rd14 Old Red Lion Road
46 Allentown Road6 Allentown Road
1720 Route 70Old Red Lion Road Rear
220 Hawkin Road3 Pine Drive
1638 Route 2061634 Route 206
1637 Route 2061637 Route 206
1752 Route 2061722 Route 206
3 Friendship Road139 Friendship Road
148 Friendship Road201 New Road
280 New RoadRoute 70 East Rear
2,8,10,18 Blueberry Run26 Blueberry Run
59 Cranberry Run8 Evergreen Trail
22 Cranberry Run3 Bent Tree Trail
28 Cranberry Run25 Blueberry Run
75 Cranberry Run77 Cranberry Run
210 New RoadFriendship Road
32 Sooy Place Road40 Sooy Place Road
Big Hill Road Rear2 & 10 Big Hill Road
2218 South Firelane Road211 Avenue Road
216 Avenue Road1 Burrs Mill Road
31 Sooy Place Road603 Avenue C
211 Front Street214 Second Street
211 Second Street214 Third Street
611 Avenue D212 Fourth Street
625 Avenue D625 Avenue D
635 Avenue D637 Avenue D
600 Avenue D614 Avenue D
602 Avenue C618 Avenue C
130 Burrs Mill Road106 Burrs Mill Road
9 Carolyn Lane22 Burrs Mill Road
20 Millchase Road8 Carolyn Lane
Oxford Circle25 Oxford Circle
53 Oxford Circle48 Oxford Circle
2 Oxford Circle18 Oxford Circle
2446 South Firelane Road2388 South Firelane Road
Ongs Hat RoadOpen Space/emrgncy Access
Open Space/drainage Basin20 Tranquility Court
2464 South Firelane Road2484 South Firelane Road
2535 Route 70Ongs Hat Road
2579 North Firelane Road906 Magnolia Road
2597 North Firelane Road2597 North Firelane Road
912 Magnolia Road912 Magnolia Road
2607 North Firelane Road2611 North Firelane Road
918-924 Magnolia Road918-924 Magnolia Road
930 Magnolia Road942 Magnolia Road
Personal PropertyPersonal Property
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