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Property records in Tenafly Borough (Bergen)
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Address From
Address To
Rear-Day Ave73 Day Ave
Rear-Day Ave63 Day Ave
Rear-Day Ave41 Day Ave
Rear-Knickerbocker Rd5 Day Ave
Rear-Day AveRear-Hickory Ave
8 Baywood Street281 Hickory Ave
50 Day Ave267 Hickory Ave
600 Knickerbocker Rd7 Spruce St
1 Last Rd213 Hickory Ave
33 Eager Pl205 Hickory Ave
28 Eager Pl241 Jefferson Ave
14 Eager Pl227 Jefferson Ave
284 Hickory Ave45 Marconi St
1 Colonial Rd17 Colonial Rd
1 Hillcrest Rd12 Colonial Rd
2 Hillcrest Rd4 Hillcrest Rd
244 Hickory Ave224 Hickory Ave
68 Esmond Pl192 Hickory Ave
186 Hickory Ave111 Newcomb Rd
21 Cambridge Rd4 Marconi St
16 Midwood Rd14 Hillcrest Rd
172 Newcomb Rd157 Columbus Dr
166 Newcomb Rd146 Newcomb Rd
140 Newcomb Rd124 Newcomb Rd
155 Columbus Dr131 Columbus Dr
52 Esmond Pl105 Columbus Dr
24 Cambridge Rd511 Knickerbocker Rd
160 Columbus Drive522 Knickerbocker Rd
156 Columbus Dr132 Columbus Dr
128 Columbus Dr112 Columbus Dr
104 Columbus Dr105 Sunset Ln
155 Sunset Ln137 Sunset Ln
129 Sunset Ln111 Sunset Ln
95 Buff Rd59 Buff Rd
49 Buff Rd491 Knickerbocker Rd
506 Knickerbocker Rd502 Knickerbocker Rd
156 Sunset Ln101 Christie St
142 Sunset Ln30 Wight Pl
126 Sunset Ln34 Esmond Pl
6 Daisy Pl11 Delaney Pl
96 Buff Rd58 Buff Rd
88 Jewett Ct28 Richard St
120 Christie St19 Wight Pl
22 Wight Pl1 Esmond Pl
10 Esmond Pl99 Jefferson Ave
306 Riveredge Rd35 Jewett Ave
75 N Browning Ave39 N Browning Ave
72 N Browning Ave45 N Lyle Ave
246 Riveredge Rd401 Knickerbocker Rd
420 Knickerbocker Rd15 Mellon Ln
4 Mellon Ln67 Jefferson Ave
90 Lylewood Dr114 Lylewood Dr
50 Lylewood Dr49 Woodmere Ln
84 Woodmere Ln38 Woodmere Ln
364 W Clinton Ave21 Porter Ave
22 Porter Ave79 Floral Terr
330 W Clinton Ave28 Morris Rd
312 W Clinton Ave33 Floral Terr
294 W Clinton Ave321 Knickerbocker Rd
145 Surrey Ln204 W Clinton Ave
350 Knickerbocker Rd126 Surrey Ln
88 Floral Terr15 Pleasant Ave
26 Pleasant Ave15 Henry St
62 Floral Terr16 Floral Terr
16 Henry St70 Morris Rd
96 Norman Pl66 Norman Pl
260 Knickerbocker Rd35 Burlington Rd
10 Schultz Ct1 Schultz Ct
80 Burlington Rd21 Palmer Ave
Marcotte Ln6 Marcotte Ln
180 Sussex Rd132 Sussex Rd
188 Knickerbocker Rd97 Palmer Ave
Mackay Dr123 Ivy Ln
78 Crabtree Ln2 Forcier Ct
12 Country Club Rd64 Country Club Rd
114 Windsor Rd74 Windsor Rd
82 Oak Ave71 Ivy Ln
64 Oak Ave7 Standish Ct
32 Standish CtIvy Ln & Wilkins Pl
47 Windsor Rd24 Hamilton Pl
112 Tenafly Rd26 Lindley Ave
2 Inness Rd105 Serpentine Rd
86 Tenafly Rd56 Leonard Ave
35 Oak St101 Serpentine Rd
32 Dean Dr23 Elm St
54 Windsor Rd20 Windsor Rd
18 Oak Ave12 Wilkins Pl
10 Oak Ave1 Tenafly Rd
54 Tenafly Rd46 Tenafly Rd
32 Cherry St12 Cherry St
40 Clover St6 Clover St
78 Walnut Dr75 Willow Ln
83 Walnut Dr131 Walnut Dr
2 Elm St73 Serpentine Rd
140 Westervelt Ave110 Westervelt Ave
252 Tenafly Rd59 George St
96 Sussex Rd40 Sussex Rd
202 Tenafly Rd1 Tenafly Ct
92 Joyce Rd40 Joyce Rd
80 Palmer Ave19 Benjamin Rd
184 Tenafly Rd111 George St
50 George St85 Franklin St
46 Benjamin Rd14 Benjamin Rd
60 Westervelt Ave50 Demott St
Dean DrDean Dr
52 Surrey Ln18 Surrey Ln
56 Norman Pl40 Norman Pl
340 Tenafly Rd19 George St
W Clinton & George25 Franklin St
W Clinton Ave59 Westervelt Ave
145 Dean Dr111 Dean Dr
454 Tenafly Rd27 Grove St
36 Central Ave42 W Railroad Ave
428 Tenafly Rd37 Riveredge Rd
22-40 W Railroad Ave22-40 W Railroad Ave
38 Piermont Ave87 County Rd
71 County Rd16 Highwood Ave
72 Jefferson Ave30 Foster Rd
100 Riveredge Rd91 W Clinton Ave
408 Tenafly RdWashington St
14 Riveredge Rd29/1/2-31 Washington St
Washington St10 Washington St
8-10 Highwood Ave4 Highwood Ave
Highwood & HillsideHighwood & Hillside
Tenafly R R StationTenafly R R Station
178 Jefferson Ave64 Columbus Dr
50 Columbus Dr14 Columbus Dr
15 Cobblestone Way45 Central Ave
88 Piermont Rd6 Mahan St
252 Jefferson Ave67 Gordon Ave
100 Cortlandt Pl94-98 Cortlandt Pl
234 Jefferson Ave81 Cortlandt Pl
80-84 Cortlandt Pl127 Hickory Ave
220 Jefferson Ave69 Newcomb Rd
128 Hickory Ave66-68 Cortlandt Pl
198 Jefferson Ave180 Jefferson Ave
100 Newcomb Rd37b Cortlandt Pl
48 Cortlandt Pl39 Columbus Dr
11 Columbus Dr147 Grove St
90-92 Hickory AveMahan St
Tenakill RecreationTenakill Recreation
142 Grove St71 Mahan St
Mahan St123 Grove St
147 Piermont Rd49 Atwood Ave
101 N Summit St301 County Rd
Piermont RdPiermont Rd
137 Piermont RdPiermont Rd
29 Atwood Ave22 Jersey Ave
5 Atwood Ave55 Hudson Avenue
82 N Summit St65 Hudson Ave
56 N Summit St71 Hudson Ave
115 Piermont Rd4102 The Plaza
163 Magnolia Ave143 Magnolia Ave
18 Prospect Terr183 County Rd
318a County Rd15 N Summit St
296 County Rd12 N Summit St
17 Knoll Rd41 Knoll Rd
32 Knoll Rd39 Royden Rd
162 Magnolia Ave95 Prospect Terr
108 Prospect Terr325 Engle St
340 Engle St81 Park St
94 Park St15 Brook Rd
2 Brook Rd220 Hudson Ave
7 Glenwood Ct67 Glenwood Rd
180 County Rd125 Magnolia Ave
2 Sisson Terr297 Engle St
80 Highwood Ave265 Engle St
260 Engle St35 Park St
46 Park St79 Depeyster Ave
80 County Rd33 Magnolia Ave
10 Laurel Ave17 Ravine Rd
233 Engle St93 Hillside Ave
10 County Rd10 County Rd
24 Hillside Ave52 Hillside Ave
4 New St213 Serpentine Rd
148 Dean Dr146 Dean Dr
16 Valley Pl2 Valley Pl
56 Hillside Ave189 Engle St
47 Depeyster Ave11 Depeyster Ave
19 Huyler Ave114 Dean Dr
20 Linden St173 Serpentine Rd
40 E Clinton Ave90 E Clinton Ave
192 Serpentine Rd42 Lawrence Pkwy
178 Engle St156 E Clinton Ave
6 Stonehurst Dr67 Lawrence Pkwy
138 Lawrence Pkwy35 Briarcliff Rd
148 Engle St24 Briarcliff Rd
136 Engle St72 Creston Ave
42 Westervelt Ave24 Westervelt Ave
20 Westervelt Ave9 The Glen
2 Coppell Dr7 Howard Park Dr
78 Coppell Dr21 Howard Park Dr
2 The Glen111 Engle St
40 Inness Rd22 Inness Rd
3 Byrne Ln9 Byrne Ln
4 Byrne Ln79 Sherwood Rd
10 Byrne Ln29 Sherwood Rd
62 Inness Rd46 Sherwood Rd
2 Howard Park Dr32 Howard Park Dr
100 Engle St44 Woodland Park Dr
2 S Park Dr53 Downey Dr
36 Oak St68 Oak St
6 Downey Dr56 Downey Dr
82 Oak St56 Engle St
12 Pine St131 Elm St
12 Maple St158 Downey Dr
40 Elm St19 Engle St
50 Engle St162 Elm St
14 Bliss Ave11 Whitewood Rd
44 Bliss Ave7 Elkwood Terr
18 Buckingham Rd161 Churchill Rd
76 Leroy St112 Churchill Rd
2 Mayflower Dr40 Mayflower Dr
Howard Park Dr88 Howard Park Dr
4 Thatcher Rd84 Woodland Park Dr
124 Leroy St171 Devon Rd
202 Devon Rd33 Buckingham Rd
170 Thatcher Rd53 Edgewood St
136 Stonehurst Dr155 Leroy St
24 Edgewood St71 Howard Park Dr
84 Edgewood St234 E Clinton Ave
281 Devon Rd200 Leroy St
320 Devon Rd18 York Pl
2 Mountain Rd23 Old Smith Rd
10 Depeyster Ave15 Old Smith Rd
22 Old Smith Rd4 Farview Rd
60 Glenwood Rd50 Glenwood Rd
48 Homestead Rd211 Highwood Ave
131 Tekening Dr121 Tekening Dr
150 Tekening Dr190 Tekening Dr
88 Depeyster Ave41 Forest Rd
36 Forest Rd76 Forest Rd
38 Glenwood Rd5 Leslie Pl
30 Peter Lynas Ct1 N Brae Ct
29 N Brae Ct30 N Brae Ct
32 Dogwood Ln15 Stonybrook Rd
236 Hudson Ave71 Homestead Rd
88 Homestead Rd24 Wood Rd
4 Stanton RdHudson Ave
Hudson AveSylvan Blvd
E Clinton AveW Sylvan Blvd
100 Devriese Ct295 Highwood Ave
151 Deerfield DrHighwood Ave
56 Ridge Rd66 Berkeley Dr
320 Highwood Ave63 Berkeley Dr
45 Sunderland Rd60 Trafalgar Rd
Highwood AveHighwood Ave
47 Farview Rd4 Ridge Rd
11 Berkeley Dr11 Nelson Pl
1 Hastings Dr21 Hastings Dr
295 Woodland St133 Kent Rd
298 Woodland St61 Kent Rd
66 Kent Rd187 Oxford Dr
84 Buckingham Rd261 Churchill Rd
245 Oxford Dr56 Woodland St
159 Woodland St53 Woodland St
140 Kent Rd92 Kent Rd
234 Buckingham Rd101 Essex Dr
176 Buckingham Rd78 Essex Dr
W Sylvan BlvdW Sylvan Blvd
174 Essex DrSylvan Blvd
300 Sylvan Blvd300 Sylvan Blvd
Hudson RiverHudson River
Sylvan BlvdSylvan Blvd
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