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Property records in Corbin City (Atlantic)
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48 results
Address From
Address To
Railroad R O WRailroad R O W
101 Buck Hill Road105 Buck Hill Road
111-123 Buck Hill Road229 Head Of River Road
118 Buck Hill Road109 Head Of River Road
406 Aetna Drive228 Head Of River Road
212 Head Of River Road118 Head Of River Road
127 Carl Road127 Carl Road
133 Carl Road133 Carl Road
106 Carl Road340-344 Aetna Drive
439 Aetna Drive419 Aetna Drive
409 Aetna Drive503 Beach Drive
508 Beach Drive500 Beach Drive
200 Carl Road200 Carl Road
335 Aetna DriveR R Bridge & River
100 Buck Hill RoadRoute 50
513 Route 50Railroad
200 Route 50510 Route 50
505 Route 50Harman Lane
100 Samson Road102 Harman Lane
421 Route 50Harman Lane
100 Sunset Road & Rte 50Route 50
405 Route 50102 Kansas Road
105 Samson Road503 Godfrey Lane
104 Harman Lane108 Samson Road
Harman Lane420 Godfrey Lane
108 Sunset Road108 Sunset Road
106 Kansas Road106 Kansas Road
Samson RoadSamson Road
439 Godfrey Lane428 Harding Lane
110 Ocean Road422 Harding Lane
110 Sunset Road112 Sunset Road
437 Harding Lane440 Washington Lane
118 Ocean RoadSunset Road
120 Sunset Road401 Harding Lane
122 Ocean Road420 Washington Lane
106 Head Of River Road105 Carl Road
Ac Right Of WayAc Right Of Way
Griscom Mill Road314 Route 50
101 Cat Pond Road200 Aetna Drive
100 Cat Pond Road219 Main Street
218 Main Street218 Main Street
216 Main StreetMain Street
124 Main Street108 Main Street
125 Aetna Drive107 Aetna Drive
Tuckahoe RiverTuckahoe River
Tuckahoe RiverTuckahoe River
Corbin CityCorbin City
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